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2 ex-Blizz RTS is going to be EPIC

It’s going to be hard to find a game that can dethrone SC2 for me, but I’m liking my chances more and more these days.

114 r/SnooRegrets8154 1 day ago
2 ex-Blizz RTS is going to be EPIC

I am so proud of you all, for making the #3 returned result on Google for "Stormgate" a glorious picture of Anime Cat Girls... (wipes tear from eye)

Thank you Frost Giant. As a geriatric gamer, playing Stormgate makes feel something i haven't felt since Starcraft 2 launched...

...pain. Not mental pain. Physical. My arm has gone full tennis elbow after just 2 days of playing Frigate. 🤣🤣🤣 I haven't felt this kind of joyful agony since Wings of liberty. I AIN'T GETTING THIS KIND OF SPECIAL FEELING IN THOSE POXY "don't need to APM" FORTNITE GAMES I TELL YOU THAT.

I thought ray tracing on the cat girls was a mismanagement of resources, I was wrong.

I am bravely breaking the NDA to admit that I was entirely wrong.

101 r/BZI 13 days ago


Hype. Frigate. Hype. 3rd race. Not breaking NDA. It's weird being so hyped yet so restricted. I guess we'll just keep filling the void with cat girl jokes—IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT FG??? My non-breaking-NDA feedback: big thumbs up to vaguely, generally, everything. So hype.

As a former SC2 Diamond player, I'm starting to feel like Stormgate is not for me. Although, I wish this game great success.

Warning this is a unorganized rant that you probably won't agree with. Stormgate to me feels like a slower nerfy version of SC2. I might have been more ok with it if they innovated somehow, but their direction feels too safe. I feel like the low stakes low ttk early game makes it less exciting than sc2. And fights become "let's see who macro'd faster... *waits and watches the fight...* oh you did so I will go back." The game feels less impactful and more like a pillow fight. My guess as to what will happen in the future: The casuals will not get into this game as much as FG hopes. The hardcore rts players will remain. In order to please these hardcores, FG will begin to make exciting "balance patches" that make it more like SC2. What they should have done: Made it exciting and fast pace and more "adult" to begin with. That's what gives it legendary status. A mountain to climb like elden ring. People that really aspire to play rts and the reason sc2 has renown is because it is challenging and hardcore and exciting. People aspire to it just like elden ring or dark souls. Nerfing it doesn't make it less challenging as it's also nerfed for your opponent. And making it more exciting and impactful also doesn't make it more or less challenging as your opponents have to deal with the same thing. They believe making elden ring into assassin's creed will bring more people, but it's no longer elden ring at that point.


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343 W15 L96%
164 W9 L95%
355 W124 L74%
391 W227 L63%
273 W116 L70%
424 W216 L66%
372 W176 L68%
435 W282 L61%
189 W66 L74%
158 W46 L77%
177 W23 L89%
331 W159 L68%
298 W151 L66%
152 W23 L87%
296 W132 L69%

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Stormgate | 1957 Vanguard Gameplay vs Infernal

This is video footage from the Elephant playtest of Stormgate Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to top 50. Masters 2; Broken Crown vs Infernal No commentary First person POV New video everyday

Thoughts and ideas 3

Bases now funcrion as supply depot, can be upgraded and have turret function and a unique ability Every race has a turret structure and a support (caster) one There is a guardian like long range aoe damage dealing unit There is a backlash banshee (line dmg) like unit Battles are partly chance determined No boring, op or useless units Only fun units Every unit has some micro potential No unit has too much micro potential Overall micro potential is even between races VIper like (abduct, blinding cloud etc) tactical unit Supply count is devided in workers 100 and fighting units 200 Smart automatic control groups Vulcans use granade launchers Lancers are like broodwar zealots Recomended building placement grid Players mine from 5-6 bases at the same time at most Ingame strategy guide/archive available

Thoughts and ideas 4

Starting bases have 6/12 workers per mine Resource shrines are held and periodically generate resources Each base has a global ability and can be upgreaded into a cannon like structure Games last 15 to 25 minutes Each race has multiple army compositions per matchup (T1 ground T2 ground T3 mixed/full air) Maps have 6 to 12 bases per player Each race has a ground caster, a flying caster and a long range arrillery unit Each race has a scouting/vision unit Each race has a clocked specialist unit There are 2 types of maps: economy, early game skirmish Terrain is an important and relevant game feature Altars are turrets that players can capture Altars are captured and hold or capture and respawn Altars types are: vision, health and energy, resource, speed Altars are fought over through out the match Defensive and support structures are used to hold terrain Scouts become flying assault units that can land or attack air units The game should revolve around skirmish and harrass Single decisive battles should be limited Players should upgrade their army composition as the game goes on with higher tier units beating lower tier ones Upgraded bases offer more supply Vanguard turrets do not require units placed in them to function Snowball potential is limited Resource shrines are in the middle of the map and near bases VIsion shrines are close to the side lanes Initial bases start with a turret near them Camps are strong and get stronger as game time progresses Mines are mined out in 6-8 minutes forcing players to take fresh bases Hornets can recall to a supply Can play tournaments with rewards Can select starting building location before game starts

A New RTS For A New Generation - Stormgate

What is Stormgate? Real-time strategy titles like StarCraft were once a staple of the gaming industry and esports, but in recent years, the genre has fallen to the background in place of the likes of LoL and CS2. However, change may be on the horizon as a new studio founded by ex-Blizzard developers looks to bring the next generation of RTS into the present with the development of a new title. This is Stormgate. Support us on Patreon: Join our Discord community: 0:00 - Intro 1:53 - What is Stormgate? 3:47 - Early Stormgate Tournaments 6:49 - The Game Engine & Rollback Netcode 8:02 - Is the game fun? 8:51 - Developer esports support 10:42 - The future of RTS esports? 12:45 - Outro Become a Member to support us: Follow us to stay up to date with our releases! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Special thanks to the following individuals for helping make this video possible: Philip "BeoMulf" Mulford Matt "Heyoka" Weber Jakub "Snoxtar" Gwiazda Juan "VortiX" Durán TheoRy #stormgate #esports #gaming

2 ex-Blizz RTS is going to be EPIC

It’s going to be hard to find a game that can dethrone SC2 for me, but I’m liking my chances more and more these days.

I am so proud of you all, for making the #3 returned result on Google for "Stormgate" a glorious picture of Anime Cat Girls... (wipes tear from eye)