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It's gold and rocks.

Every time I watch a Stormgate video, the creator ends up getting stuck, trying to remember wtf Etherium was called. Every time someone mentions Luminite or Etherium, I have to remember which was which. Can we stick to 'gold' and 'rocks'? 'Vespian gas' is memorable because it's just 'gas', I know what 'gas' is. Minerals look like minerals, so I immediately remember they're minerals. Stormgate tried too hard to give their resources unique names.

151 r/SleepyBoy- 7 days ago

Official Stormgate Early Access AMA Thread with Frost Giant Studios

Hi r/Stormgate! It's been a big week for Stormgate! We’ve finally shared a first look at our third faction, the [Celestial Armada](, with the public. We’ve also announced that Stormgate [Early Access]( will begin on August 13. We’re even kicking things off on July 30 as a show of our appreciation to our Kickstarter backers, playtesters, and new Steam supporters. With all this new information, we're here to answer your questions about everything Stormgate! We’re gathering members of the Frost Giant Studio team to drop in here tomorrow, Friday, June 14, to answer your questions. **The AMA will begin at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 7PM CET.** Post your questions in the thread here in advance, and we'll answer as many questions as we can for an hour. **Frost Giant . . . Assemble!** (Name - Title - Reddit username) * Alexander Brandon - Audio Director - u/Frost_AlexB * Andrew Sabri - Engineering Director - u/Frost_Sabri * Brian Carl - QA Manager - u/Frost_BCarl * Cara LaForge - Business Operations Director - u/Frost_CaraL * Chris E - Marketing - u/ScuttleChris * Gerald Villoria - Communications Director - u/FGS_Gerald * Howard Xing - Director of Finance - u/Frost_HowardX * Jex - Community Manager - u/Frost_Jex * Kaizen - Level Designer - u/Frost_Kaizen * Matt Weber - Sr. Product Manager, Esports/UX - u/Frost_Heyoka * Matthew Ornstein - Lead Animator - u/Frost_MatthewO * Micky Neilson - Lead Narrative Designer - u/Frost_MickyN * Stella - Art Producer - u/OkPay5242 * Taylor Gorder - Release Manager - u/FrostTmetic * Tim Campbell - Game Director - u/Frost_TimC * Tim Morten - Production Director - u/Frost_TimM * Nga Weng Chio - Composer - Celestials - u/Chicken-Weng * Frank Klepacki - Composer - Infernals - u/rocktronic * Tracy Bush - Composer - Vanguard * David Ortega - Composer - Co-Op Maps - u/Tegaor99 We look forward to answering as many of your questions as we can! Want to support Stormgate further? [Pre-Purchase the Early Access DLC on Steam]( and Wishlist Stormgate on Steam! * The Frost Giant Team

Official Stormgate Early Access AMA Thread with Frost Giant Studios

Can I just say that I’m really excited for this game?

I’ve been playing Starcraft and SCII for 20 years and I’ve been starving for SCIII. When I first heard about Stormgate I was skeptical but the more I’ve watched and learned about this game the more excited I am. There is a so much potential here and I can’t wait to see what they do next. I’ve seen a ton of negative comments on here recently and I think it’s totally unfair for people to judge the game before it’s even been completed. I mean we don’t even have Tier 3 units yet! I think we should all just be happy that Frost Giant took this huge risk to bring us the next great RTS. Can’t we just be grateful that this is coming down the line and stop being so negative all the time? For me July 30 can’t come soon enough!

Besides the looks, the races don't play like their "look-a-likes"

I've seen tons of people have mixed reactions to the Celestial reveal. People have made claims that this is just the same game in a bad new skin and it won't be worth their time because, Infernals = Zerg, Vanguard = Terran, Celestials = Protoss. However from my experience the similarities are only surface level. Infernals are the the least zerg like race between all of the factions. Yes they have something that looks like creep and they are the buggy, slimy race but they lack the speed and expansion hunger that SC2 and BW zerg has. In fact Infernals during the Frigate playtest was the "turtle" up to max supply and push race. With the exception of upgraded gaunts and their drop, the Infernal units are typically slow. In fact the way they fight almost reminds me of SC2 protoss with drop micro and larger slower units supporting the meat of the army. Heck it even has the Dragon which is the closest thing to a mothership that we get in the game. Celestials almost work like zerg from brood war with mobile armies, lots of different counter attacks options and very important map control needs. An example is the Cel vs Van matchup where a huge task of the game is keeping Vanguard from getting across the map. Keeping Scythes alive and ready to counter and lots of harassment keeps the Vanguard army at home because if they are able to make it across the map they can overrun lightly defended bases. It reminded me a lot of how Mutas work to keep the Marine Medic army at home letting the zerg power up on three bases. Vanguard is the most like its counterpart. It has similar tech trees with a barracks/factory/starport system. This race does feel very similar to Terran but that is not a bad thing in my opinion. The race still feels different enough that I had a blast playing it. Overall I am on the hype train, Frigate was an awesome experience and I think the game is only going to get better. If you were someone afraid this is just a bad copy of Starcraft then I can assure you that the similarities are only skin deep. The game plays very differently and just because your units look like high tech space aliens or buggy swarms doesn't mean that they will feel like you are playing the same races from Starcraft.


Ranked Beta

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StormGate's 3rd Faction -- The Celestials!

StormGate has revealed their 3rd Faction -- Do you like the flavor? How about the game design? I'm probably LIVE right now, check me out: →Twitch: If you want to support Artosis even more, become a member!

Stormgate's Third Faction Revealed

Once a tightly guarded secret known only to thousands of our closed beta testers, the Celestial Armada have finally arrived. The Celestials are a race of highly technologically advanced interstellar travelers who have come to Earth to challenge the demonic Infernal Host for control over our planet–with humanity caught in the middle. For more on the Celestials, which some playtesters have called the most original RTS faction they’ve ever played, visit the Celestials faction page on the official Stormgate website. Stormgate will be releasing to Steam Early Access on August 13--but you don't have to wait that long. To get in on July 30, visit the Stormgate page on Steam and pre-purchase any Early Access Pack: Want to become part owner of Frost Giant Studios? You can become an investor ahead of the upcoming Early Access release. Check out the stock offering on StartEngine: Become part of the Stormgate community on Discord: Join the discussion on Reddit: Follow Stormgate on Twitter: Remember Facebook? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Stormgate Opening Cinematic

Real-time strategy games are about more than just gathering resources and commanding armies. They’re also powerful vehicles for storytelling. The full opening cinematic for Stormgate, the highly anticipated RTS from the team at Frost Giant Studios, has finally been revealed! Directed by Frost Giant Studios in partnership with acclaimed post-production studio Platige Image, the opening cinematic was previously teased during Frost Giant Studios’ segment at The Game Awards in 2023, as part of the Stormgate trailer introduced by actor Simu Liu. A die-hard fan and skilled player of StarCraft II (which many members of the Frost Giant team worked on), Liu will be playing the role of Warz, one of Stormgate’s central characters. Want to see more Stormgate video? Be sure to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE so you won't miss our future updates. Wishlist Stormgate on Steam: Want to become part owner of Frost Giant Studios? You can become an investor ahead of the upcoming Early Access release. Check out the stock offering on StartEngine: Become part of the Stormgate community on Discord: Join the discussion on Reddit: Follow Stormgate on Twitter: Still using Facebook for more than sharing baby pictures or keeping tabs on your exes?

Making of Stormgate's Celestial Music

We are incredibly excited to profile the exceptionally talented Nga Weng Chio, the brilliant composer behind the captivating Celestial music you’ll hear in Stormgate. Our playtesters and the public have been showering the Celestial Armada music with praise. Now, we’re giving you a fun behind-the-scenes look at how Weng approached bringing this enchanting soundtrack to life. In the video, you’ll get an exclusive glimpse into Weng’s creative process. Watch as she collaborates with a Bulgarian Choir to infuse the music with rich, otherworldly harmonies that perfectly capture the essence of the Celestial Armada’s ancient culture. While Weng is a classically trained pianist, you'll also see her use some unique instruments, including the eerie and fascinating Aztec Death Whistle, which adds a distinctive edge to the soundscape. Enjoy this feature? Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes Stormgate content! Composer: Nga Weng Chio Instagram: @weng_composer Stormgate will be releasing to Steam Early Access on August 13--but you don't have to wait that long. To get in on July 30, visit the Stormgate page on Steam and pre-purchase any Early Access Pack: Want to become part owner of Frost Giant Studios? You can become an investor ahead of the upcoming Early Access release. Check out the stock offering on StartEngine: Become part of the Stormgate community on Discord: Join the discussion on Reddit: Follow Stormgate on Twitter: Remember Facebook? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Stormgate's Groundbreaking New Faction Looks CRAZY In Parting's Hands!

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Stormgate - More Lore, Analysis, Visual Updates, and Co-op news [Frigate Closed Beta]

I hope you enjoy this kind of analysis and potential insights into Amara and other topics! A lot of the footage here is from the Frigate Closed Beta. Thanks for watching! Timestamps below: 00:00 - 00:23 - Intro 00:24 - New Maloc lore + talking about his Chimera unit 01:53 - Auralanna; celestial hero announced 02:26 - Amara lore and speculation 04:08 - Celestials art updates (post-Frigate) 06:37 - Me, never noticing what Major Galt's portrait was 07:31 - Maloc's Team-wide Upgrades + Mortardon talk 08:26 - Celestial weapon names 09:09 - Co-op progression news and speculation 11:41 - new Atlas and Imp animations 12:00 - wrap up #stormgate #rts

Meet The NEW Stormgate Vector Unit

In today's stormgate casted game we see the stormgate vanguard faction versus the stormgate celestial armada battle it out on secluded grove. It was a great game that showcased some of the important units and abilities for both of these stormgate factions. #stormgate

Best Celestial Lategame! | Bosse v Captain Alex Bo3 (Stormgate)

Bosse (Vanguard, Infernals) and Captain_Alex (Celestials) play a Bo3 on the Stormgate Frigate build showing off the new third faction in TANC 11 Follow me on things! Twitch➡ Twitter➡ Instagram ➡ TikTok➡ Discord➡ #Stormgate #SG #RTS Stormgate is a military science fiction fantasy real-time strategy video game developed and released by Frost Giant Studios

Stormgate third faction reveal trailer and developer interview | PC Gaming Show 2024

The reveal of Stormgate's long awaited third faction brings a race of ancient beings, the Celestials, into the ongoing war between the Vangaurd and the Infernals. We visited the developers at Frost Giant to find out more about this new faction and how Frost Giant is at the forefront of the RTS genre. Twitter: TikTok: Instagram: @pcgamer_mag Facebook: Forum: To subscribe to the magazine in the US, UK, or elsewhere, visit magazines direct PC Gamer is the global authority on PC games. We’ve been covering PC gaming for more than 20 years, and continue that legacy today with worldwide print editions and around-the-clock news, features, esports coverage, hardware testing and game reviews on, as well as major yearly events including the PC Gaming Show at E3.

The big argument for customizing enemy unit skins in Ranked 1v1

I'm aware that most people think this is a complete non-starter because "everyone knows that a lot of people buy skins specifically to show other people their skin choices and this option would kill sales." But as far as I'm aware, there isn't any actual research or proof of anything. Just a bunch of people saying "It's obvious!" And sometimes such things turn out to be totally wrong. I think this is a commonly held belief worth challenging. So here it goes: First of all, most people play only one faction and have no reason to buy other factions' skins if they cannot set the skins for enemy units. So being able to customize enemy unit skins would create new sales opportunities, offsetting lost sales and potentially leading to even more total sales. I personally never bought off-race skins in SC2 but I absolutely would have if I could set enemy unit skins. Second of all, players are more accepting of restrictions on ranked game modes. Something like expressing yourself through aesthetic choices IN-GAME is very low priority for the competitive ladder. And anyway, there are other places to express yourself: your portrait, the loading screen, something unobtrusive in-game like a banner, your in-client player profile. So expressing yourself through skins doesn't matter as much. Third of all, ranked 1v1 is a very small percentage of the game's total revenue. You're not threatening the game's whole livelihood here. And there are other things these players buy like announcer packs etc. Of course FGS doesn't want sales to go down even 1% if they can help it but I think people overestimate what's at stake here. Fourth of all, readability becomes a smaller concern so they'd be free to make cooler and more creative skins. This could also increase sales. Of course they have to still care about readability. But for example in SC2 if a protoss player wants you to have trouble distinguishing their stalkers and immortals, they can choose the skins for those units which make them blend in together. Such a combo should not be allowed to exist at all. But if you can choose enemy unit skins, then that combo can be allowed to exist and it's your own fault for choosing the immortal skin and stalker skin that blend together. There could even be progamers' recommended settings for best readability that combine this or that skin for each faction, or skins which do the best job displaying when a unit has research finished (like the skin with the biggest difference between overlord and dropperlord). And this could lead to more sales as people copy progamers' setups in an attempt to have a competitive advantage. Fifth of all, observing could still show each player's skin choices, with some exception built in for tournament games which requires both players to consent. So your opponent might not see your choices but everyone else will (admittedly most players are not having their games regularly observed by anyone, but if this actually is a social RTS and observing friends' games or watching replays with friends becomes more common than in SC2, this would become a very strong argument). This might be enough for a player to feel like their skins are being seen. Sixth of all, this helps new players. The time it takes to get comfortable with the game is lengthened when there is a large variety of enemy skins. Being able to set enemy unit skins is in line with the philosophy of making this game as comfortable and approachable as possible. People who play the game infrequently or who are just trying to pick up the game can be overwhelmed by skins. Quickly reading a situation is a skill that people develop and depend on. It's very frustrating to expect to size up an enemy army in a split second only to find yourself doing a double-take, whether it's to just identify a unit or identify whether it has its upgrade/research complete. MOBA suffers from this to a far less degree because there are only 5 enemy units to be concerned about per game. Lastly, I'm skeptical how many people would really not buy skins anymore at all because they can't force their skin choices on their opponents' monitors. People buy deluxe versions of single player games because they come with exclusive skins. They spend hours on customizing appearances in single player games that no one else will see. With skins being advertised to them every time they launch the SG client, and skins being seen on streams and when observing games and watching replays, they're gonna want skins for themselves. I'm sure there'd be some very vocal complainers but ultimately I think the vast majority would buy the skins anyway. Thanks for reading to the end. It's tough to challenge a belief you think is obviously true. I hope FGS is at least considering this. I personally think it's a no-brainer that in a competitive game mode, customization of your own experience is more important than sharing your aesthetic choices to your opponent. And while it may be a necessary evil to contradict that for the sake of revenue, I'm really not so sure that it actually is better for revenue.

It'd be nice if there is a video featuring all the early access package items Gold Vanguard Army Accent 🔫, Chicken 🐔 Supporter Pack, & Firestorm Fog of War Shader 🔥

I mean... 😅 The steam early access packages that give stuff out for $$$, one of the announcements on reddit 📢 informed us that the Gold Vanguard Army Accent 🔫, Chicken 🐔 Supporter Pack, & Firestorm Fog of War Shader 🔥 won't be available for future purchases while all other features will be acquirable. My concern is that later when they make game access available and that I would come to liking the game very much, I would miss this early bird 🐦 Easter Egg 🥚 🐣🐥🐤 🥚 🔫 Gold Vanguard Army Accent Add a little extra bling to your Vanguard uniforms with this special golden accent. 🐔 Chicken Supporter Pet Welcoming this feisty feathered pal to your base is a great way to show your support for the Frost Giant team! 🔥 Firestorm Fog of War Shader When the Infernal invasion decimated nearly all life on Earth, survivors described it as "a world ablaze." Please note that this fiery cosmetic option provides no tactical benefit to either player.