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To the Next Ten Years of RTS Games

Become a Kickstarter Founder: Thank you for checking out the Stormgate Kickstarter campaign. We're Frost Giant Studios, and we love Real-Time Strategy games. We're bringing the community together to support the creation of a Stormgate physical collector's edition box with a gorgeous mech statue. This support will also fund our ability to expand our beta testing program for Founders. Take a look at our plans for Stormgate, and then please consider supporting! Thank you for watching. Wishlist Stormgate on Steam:

So I Tried Stormgate..

Asmongold plays Stormgate, a New RTS made by StarCraft 2 devs. ► Asmongold's Twitch: ► Asmongold's Twitter: ► Asmongold's 2nd YT Channel: ► Asmongold's Sub-Reddit: Channel Editors: CatDany & Daily Dose of Asmongold If you own the copyright of content showed in this video and would like it to be removed:

This Game Is Reviving The RTS Genre In 2023

Ex Starcraft 2 Devs are making Stormgate to revive Real Time Strategy by @IGN ► Asmongold's Twitch: ► Asmongold's Twitter: ► Asmongold's 2nd YT Channel: ► Asmongold's Sub-Reddit: Channel Editors: CatDany & Daily Dose of Asmongold If you own the copyright of content showed in this video and would like it to be removed:

Inside Stormgate: Ex-StarCraft Devs Use Unreal Engine 5 For Brand New RTS

Founded by ex-StarCraft developers, Frost Giant Studios is developing a brand-new real-time strategy game - Stormgate - that layers Unreal Engine 5 with its own engine to create a fascinating new project. Studio Engineering Director Andrew Sabri talks with Tom Morgan and Alex Battaglia about this unique, new game. Subscribe for more Digital Foundry: Join the DF Patreon to support the team more directly and to get access to everything we do via pristine quality downloads: Want some DF-branded tee-shirts, mugs, hoodies and more? Check out our store: For commercial enquiries, please contact [email protected]

What to Expect: The Stormgate Game Awards Trailer

Hi, everyone, We’re incredibly excited about our upcoming opportunity to spread the word about Stormgate with the millions of viewers who watch The Game Awards. We don’t want to disappoint any of you, so here’s what you can expect. First off, we’re going to be revealing some clips from a brand-new in-engine cinematic that introduces some important narrative characters. We’re especially excited to highlight some new voice talent who will be breathing life into our story. Next, we’re going to be showing a few snippets of all-new gameplay footage that were recorded using our upcoming “Devastator” closed beta build. These gameplay segments will feature our first Vanguard hero (Blockade) as well as some new Infernal units that many of you saw recently in our [awesome IGN feature story]( However, we will not be revealing our third faction at The Game Awards. Work has begun on our third faction, and we love how it’s shaping up–we even have proxy models for all of their units in our internal dev build. We plan to announce their identity early next year. We also won’t be showing 3v3 at The Game Awards. We are deeply focused on our 3P co-op mode, with our first external test taking place on December 5-22 in the closed beta that many of you will be participating in. Our plan is to launch Early Access with campaign, 1v1, and 3P co-op. 3v3 will be introduced after those are in the public’s hands. We’re a smaller team without a big budget, so our showing will be humble (and quicker–only about a minute long) compared to what you’ll see from the biggest AAA studios. That said, we’re very proud of the work the team is doing and we hope that RTS fans–past, present, and future–will enjoy what they see. We announced Stormgate at Summer Game Fest and shared our Infernal reveal on Gamescom’s Opening Night Live. We're hyped to be a part of Geoff's biggest event of the year and we're very grateful for his support. Who knows, we may even be joined by a special guest? Please tune in and let everyone know that the love and passion for RTS is alive and well. As always, thank you for your support. \-The Frost Giant team P.S. Please consider [becoming a Founder on Kickstarter]( Our game is fully funded to release, but your early support would mean a lot towards achieving our long-term vision for Stormgate.

Stormgate Closed Beta Livestream schedule for your viewing pleasure

The Stormgate closed beta goes live tomorrow and we’ve partnered with a small group of content creators to showcase 3P co-op and 1v1 gameplay for your viewing pleasure. Please note that the Stormgate Closed Beta is still under NDA. If you are a closed beta tester, you are not allowed to stream, discuss the closed beta, or otherwise share confidential content from the game with the public without express written permission from Frost Giant Studios. **Stormgate Closed Beta Streaming Schedule:** **Tuesday, December 5:** * Asmongold: [11 a.m. Pacific]( ➔ 8 p.m. CET * Esfand: [11 a.m. Pacific]( ➔ 8 p.m. CET * Grubby: [11 a.m. Pacific]( ➔ 8 p.m. CET * Winter: [6 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 3 a.m. (next day) CET **Wednesday, December 6:** * AguTV: [1 a.m. Pacific]( ➔ 10 a.m. CET * Lowko: [5 a.m. Pacific]( ➔ 2 p.m. CET * PiG: [Noon Pacific]( ➔ 9 p.m. CET * Horiken: [3 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 12 a.m. (next day) CET * Husky: [5 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 2 a.m. (next day) CET **Thursday, December 7:** * Crank: [2 a.m. Pacific]( ➔ 11 a.m. CET * Wardi: [5 a.m. Pacific]( ➔ 2 p.m. CET * Beastyqt: [9 a.m. Pacific]( ➔ 6 p.m. CET * Lirik: [1 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 10 p.m. CET * The Game Awards: [5 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 2 a.m. (next day) CET * TrumpSC: [5 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 2 a.m. (next day) CET **Friday, December 8:** * Zhasurou & Xiaojinzhe: (Bilibili) 3 a.m. Pacific ➔ 12 p.m. CET * BBC: (Douyin) 5 a.m. Pacific ➔ 2 p.m. CET * TO BE ANNOUNCED: 1 p.m. Pacific ➔ 10 p.m. CET * Livibee: [7 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 4 a.m. (next day) CET **Saturday, December 9:** * SCBoy: (DouYu) 5 a.m. Pacific (after WTL) ➔ 2 p.m. CET * BBC: (Douyin) 5 a.m. Pacific ➔ 2 p.m. CET * TSM Reunion Stream: * Dyrus: [1 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 10 p.m. CET * TheOddOne: [1 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 10 p.m. CET * WildTurtle: [1 p.m. Pacific]( ➔ 10 p.m. CET We would like to thank all of our creators for supporting Frost Giant Studios and Stormgate. Frost Giant is a small team with a limited budget–no one has asked for payment and everyone is doing this out of genuine support of the future of RTS. We are incredibly grateful. We will be sure to update this schedule if any changes are made. **Next Up: The Stormgate Showdown** We’re also excited for the **STORMGATE SHOWDOWN**\--our first live esports event at DreamHack Atlanta on Sunday, December 17 at 11 a.m. ET. The Stormgate Showdown will be cast by none other than **TASTOSIS: Nick "Tasteless" Plott** and **Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski**\--this will be an event to remember. We'll have two awesome showmatches: * Match 1 features MaNa vs. TLO. * In Match 2, the winner will face the WarCraft III GOAT, MOON! Stormgate will be playable on the DreamHack show floor and we'll have a few dev panels between our show matches. We've even secured a 20% off badge discount code: STORMGATE. We hope to see you there! P.S. [Please consider supporting Stormgate on Kickstarter--launches tomorrow](!

EXCLUSIVE Stormgate Beta Live Stream - Multiplayer & Co-op Gameplay

Stormgate Closed Beta Exclusive Gameplay: Multiplayer & Co-op Live Stream - Includes overview of Vanguard & Infernal Host factions, 3 player Co-op & Ranked Multiplayer 1vs1 Stormgate Kickstarter (Winter's referral link): Wishlist Stormgate today! Stormgate, Frost Giant, RTS Support the content: Merch: Main Channel @WinterStarcraft More Content @WintergamingTV 0:00 Stormgate OST Preshow 9:55 Intro & Breakdown 13:20 Vanguard Overview vs AI 45:00 Inferal Host Overview vs AI 1:03:00 Infernal 1v1 vs Devs 1:21:30 Vanguard vs Infernal Dragon?! 1:49:30 Co-op Mission (3vE) 2:15:00 Infernal 1v1 vs Devs 2:26:20 Ranked 1v1s - Infernal 2:37:20 Infernal Timing Attack (1v1) 2:48:30 Infernal Mass Brutes (1v1) 2:56:50 Vanguard Vulcan Defense (1v1) 3:14:30 Infernal vs Vanguard (Best Game) 3:39:20 Infernal Mass Gaunts (1v1) 3:56:30 Is Stormgate Good? Q&A Opinions Live Stream: Live most days 9PM EST (6PM PST/3AM CET) Join the Discord: Updates/memes: #Stormgate #FrostGiant #RTS

Kickstarter goal SMASHED. Thank you, r/Stormgate!

Thank you, everyone. You came through for us--we were fully funded in under 15 minutes and you helped us raise FIVE TIMES our original funding goal--over $500,000 in just four hours. If you haven't seen our Kickstarter, [please consider supporting Frost Giant Studios and Stormgate]( We're excited about our exclusive Collector's Edition and this is the easiest way to guarantee closed beta access for 2024. Again, we couldn't have done it without you. The Reddit community has been "home base" for Stormgate since day one and your thoughtful feedback will forever be appreciated. \-The Frost Giant team

Stormgate crowdfunding for physical collector’s edition smashes goal in 15 minutes

While the development of Stormgate, the upcoming free-to-play RTS created by Frost Giant, has been fully funded thanks to a high interest among investors,

Yardbarker 12/6/23
Stormgate Raises Over $700000 in 12 Hours on Kickstarter

Stormgate's Kickstarter campaign gives players a chance to beta test before the early access release. There is no set date for the full-release but.

KeenGamer 12/6/23
Upcoming real-time strategy game from StarCraft and Warcraft vets has smashed its $100000 Kickstarter goal by more ...

Former StarCraft and Warcraft are developing a new RTS game, and it's already gained seven times its $100000 Kickstarter goal in just 24 hours.Stormgate...

GamesRadar 12/6/23
Stormgate looks to be the StarCraft 3 and Warcraft 4 we're never going to get

God damn this game is looking good! Stormgate is in my top 5 most anticipated games and we just had a huge news drop! Seeing that Frost Giant is...

VGChartz 11/30/23
One of the best RTS games we've played in years launched a crowdfunding campaign yesterday, and crushed its goal ...

Back in 2020, a team of StarCraft 2 veterans announced the launch of a new outfit, Frost Giant Studios, with the stated goal of creating "the next great PC...

PC Gamer 12/6/23
Starcraft Spiritual Successor Stormgate Achieves Kickstarter Goal in 15 Minutes

Frost Giant Studios launched today a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its upcoming RTS game Stormgate. It was fully funded in 15 Minutes.

TechRaptor 12/6/23
The "Blizzard-inspired" RTS game Stormgate has reached its Kickstarter goal

With developers who worked on Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3, Red Alert 2 and more. Frost Giant Studios is a developer that was established a few years ago,...

DealMakerz 12/7/23
Stormgate Starts Kickstarter Campaign, Raises Over $900,000 in Two Days

Developer Frost Giant Studios has kicked off a Kickstarter campaign to help fund development of its upcoming real-time strategy game Stormgate.

GamingBolt 12/7/23
Stormgate: The StarCraft 3 and Warcraft 4 we're never going to get

God damn this game is looking good! Stormgate is in my top 5 most anticipated games and we just had a huge news drop! Seeing that Frost Giant is...

VGChartz 12/6/23
5 Awesome RTS Games to Play in 2024

2024 will be another year where the upcoming strategy games are made by the diehard and passionate fans of the genre themselves! From a fantasical setting...

KeenGamer 12/1/23
Stormgate Is a Very StarCraft-y RTS Made By Ex-StarCraft Developers

Is that brimstone I smell? It seems like the forces of the underworld are a bit upset we didn't get any StarCraft news at BlizzCon this year.

IGN 11/30/23
"Stormgate" Kickstarter raised more than nine times the target in one day! Test debut in early 2024 | Game base

Frost Giant Studios Announces Development of New Real-Time Strategy Game “Stormgate”. Frost Giant Studios is currently under development and is scheduled to...

Stormgate's Kickstarter is Out and Fans Have Already Smashed the Funding Goal

Daniel Royte Updated On: 06 Dec 2023, 02:14 AM. Highlights. In an unprecedented outpouring of support, the Kickstarter campaign for Stormgate has officially...

AFK Gaming 12/6/23
'Stormgate' Closed Beta Kicks Off Next Week, Coincides With Kickstarter Launch

Stormgate is a free-to-play real-time strategy game set amidst a war between humanity and an onslaught of alien invaders.

Players Funded Stormgate Strategy From Former Warcraft III And StarCraft II Developers In Under 15 Minutes

The ambitious real-time strategy game Stormgate from former Warcraft III and StarCraft II developers Frost Giant Studios went to the crowdfunding platform.

Asmongold, Esfand, Lirik, Grubby, and more to stream Stormgate

Stormgate's closed beta starts December 5, and while you may not be able to get your hands on it just yet, Frost Giant has found a way to ensure that you'll be able to experience it regardless. Some of twitch's biggest streamers will be streaming Stormgate over the coming week as they dive into 3 player coop and 1v1 action - headlined by OTKNetwork founders Asmongold and Esfand. It's important to note that not a single streamer was paid by Frost Giant to do this - per Frost Giant, everyone invol

November Mega Update

As if yesterdays massive dump of infernal information wasn't enough, Frost Giant also saw fit to drop their biggest newsletter in a while as they prep for a memorable December. Headlines If you're here just for the headlines, here you go: * Closed Beta 1 starts December 5 * The Beta Access/Collectors Edition Kickstarter also opens December 5 * New Stormgate Trailer + 3vAI Coop Footage at the Game Awards December 7 * Snowplay interview with Engineering Director Andrew Sabri on December 10

Warcraft Inspired Stormgate RTS Is Well on Its Way to Become the Biggest Kickstarter Game Campaign in a While

Frost Giant Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Stormgate, their upcoming Warcraft inspired RTS, and it's doing great.

Wccftech 12/6/23
Grubby plays Stormgate - discovering VANGUARD RACE! - CLOSED BETA First look!

Grubby plays Stormgate - discovering VANGUARD RACE! (Game played on 5-December-2023) Catch me live all days of the week at: Join my Discord! Stormgate, Blizzard, Old School, RTS, Starcraft, Warcraft, SC2, WC3, Units, Resources, New, Vanguard, Infernal, 1v1, Competitive, Kdong, Kevin Dong, Resources, Mining, Buildings, Structures #Grubby #Games #Strategy #Multiplayer #Competitive

Yahtzee Tries... Lethal Company with Nick, Marty and Frost

This livestream of Yahtzee Tries... is brought to you by Stormgate. Signup for their Kickstarter today to get exclusive beta access! From the team behind The Escapist, we're excited to introduce you to our new employee-owned and fully independent outlet, Second Wind. Support us on Patreon:

Is it true that the 3rd race is going to be "anime girls"?

I heard grubby saying it last night on his stream, if that's true then these devs have really knocked it out of the park with this game. Me and all of my buddies love anime ever since sailor moon and a whole faction of bad ass chicks that kick ass and take names sounds dope

Meet the Frost Giant Team

Become a Kickstarter Founder: Thank you for checking out the Stormgate Kickstarter campaign. We're Frost Giant Studios, and we love Real-Time Strategy games. We're bringing the community together to support the creation of a Stormgate physical collector's edition box with a gorgeous mech statue. This support will also fund our ability to expand our beta testing program for Founders. Take a look at our plans for Stormgate, and then please consider supporting! Thank you for watching. Wishlist Stormgate on Steam:

Stormgate kickstarter is live! GO GO!

The kickstarter is live now. Looks like $40 USD+ will get you "2024 Beta: Wave 1" access, which they estimate will be in February. ​ [](

New Warhammer RTS Is Bad

I'm probably LIVE right now, check me out: →Twitch: If you want to support Artosis even more, become a member!

Asmongold and Esfand Will Stream Stormgate Closed Beta Next Week

During his reaction to the IGN video, Asmongold mentioned that he has been talking to the developers and he and Esfand will be able to play the game on stream next week. Time-stamped part of the video where he talks about it: []( For those who don't know, Asmongold and Esfand are massive Twitch streamers with 3.5 million and 1.3 million followers respectively.

This game looks like StarCraft but better

It's like StarCraft 2, but: * Slightly longer time to kill to enable more micro and less "blink and you miss it" fights. If anything this rewards multitasking even more because the fight lasts longer. * Map objectives! Less turtling, more options, more map control. * Coop mode built with long term replayability in mind from the start * Coop campaign! (Without relying on community mods) * A 3v3 mode that isn't just a janky extension of 1v1. * Regular updates * "we want to have a mech punch a dragon" I'd be surprised if it's not a success Edit: reminder to people in the beta, you're under nda so shouldn't share too much from your own playing. Keep it in the testers' discord

Kickstarter Update #5 - You Raised $900,000 & Unlocked the Next Stretch Goal

Update from the kickstarter from the developers! (I AM NOT A DEVELOPER JUST POSTING WHAT THEY SENT ON KICK STARTER) "Hello, Founders! You’ve gathered to form an incredible community of supporters and raised $900,000 to support our plans to deliver an awesome Collector’s Edition of the game and to welcome even more players to our future closed beta tests. In addition, this support will provide us with an opportunity to move forward with work on an early preview of our planned 3v3 mode. We look forward to sharing updates on 3v3 progress once the team is ready to begin working on it in earnest. Next up, we’re looking at another ambitious project that, if funded, could potentially make Stormgate an even more approachable experience for everyone. We’re calling them Expanded Bot Personalities–what are they? Imagine having a bot that you could practice against with specific playstyles and tendencies. One bot could be very aggressive with early rushes. Another bot might be effective at turtling. With Expanded Bot Personalities, we can emulate more real-world player behavior so that you can practice against specific strategies at your own pace, or just have more variety available when you want to do some stress-free Comp Stomps. If we reach $1.1 million, we’ll be able to add these to what’s available (after our release). Do you think these sound fun? What kind of Bots would you like to practice or play against? Let us know. Thank you so much for your support. -The Frost Giant Team"

60k pledges in the first 6 minutes!

You've gotta love the amount of excitement we have for this game

Stormgate Infernal Race is Here!

Looking into the second race in Stormgate - Infernal Host Stormgate website - Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos. Enjoy this one and have a great day :) If you are enjoying my YouTube content, check out my live stream on Twitch! Streaming pretty much every day, starting time is at 6 PM CET. Link to my stream is down below. ►Beastyqt Clips: ►Twitch: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Patreon: ►Discord: Edited & thumbnail by #Beastyqt #AOE4 #AgeofEmpires4 Thanks for watching and supporting! :)

STORMGATE: PiG reacts to the Next Ten Years of RTS Games video

PiG's reaction to Frost Giant's update on Stormgate "To the Next Ten Years of RTS Games". If you're supporting Stormgate's Kickstarter consider doing so through my link to support me too! Original vid: Add Stormgate to your Steam wishlist: Sign up for the Beta here: What we know about Stormgate so far: My Stormgate videos playlist: -- 🐷 Second Channel for Learning StarCraft 2: 🐷 Third Channel for Daily Pro Casts: -- 🐷 Watch live at 🐷 Support PiG: 🐷 PiG’s Discord: 🐷 PiG’s Website: -- #Starcraft2 #SC2 #PiGStarcraft

Hard to read mirror match up fights with Infernals

While viewing the streams today, every Infernal vs. Infernal fight is very difficult to read which units are whos while microing / macroing. Starcraft BW had this problem but was mostly solved by making sure colours of each player didn't clash. (No Yellow vs Orange mutas allowed for example) Aside from "Kit Clashing" measures being added, I would also suggest different coloured health bars for each player. Which seems easy enough, however FG will need to figure out a solution to "White Health" being the same colour for both players. TL;DR: As a player I should not have to wrestle with the game to understand which units are mine in an intense micro battle.

This is it boys, a Storms coming!

Just a little bit of a hype post. That is all.

The new IGN video units really sell the idea of "absorbing conquered species into the horde"

The new IGN video showcasing the Weaver, the Flayed Dragon and the Magmodon did a great job of finally selling me on a demon faction, and especially the idea that the Infernal horde conquers worlds and incorporates their creatures into its armies. I've been following Stormgate for a long time, but I didn't expect to be this excited or impressed by "RTS demons". The earlier Infernal reveal video showed some cool stuff, but ultimately it felt just like what we'd expect from the faction: demonic units doing melee things. Fire. Spikes. Horns. But this latest video has really shown that the Frost Giant team isn't afraid to be creative! Weavers look and move like Lovecraftian horrors; the Flayed Dragon is an actual, imposing dragon that somehow feels right at home alongside the little fiend bois. They both really feel like alien creatures that the demons conquered, corrupted, and incorporated into their armies. They also suggest that the lower-tech Infernal units might be more demon-y (the "original" demon horde, maybe?), while the higher-tech units might be more horror or myth-inspired creatures that became Infernal, and I am SO here for that. If this is what Frost Giant can do with a (rather uninspired) faction concept like "RTS demons", I can't wait to see what they cook up for the 3rd faction. Hats off to the art team and the animators (seriously, I could watch that dragon fly all day) for these higher-tech Infernal units, they look downright awesome, and really sell the lore at the same time. All aboard the hype train!

My FIRST Stormgate Beta Stream! - PiG StarCraft

Frost Giant have allowed me to play Stormgate LIVE on stream! Let's check out the latest gameplay and what 3 player co-op mode has to offer. If you're supporting Stormgate's Kickstarter consider doing it through my affiliate link to support me too :D

Straight up excited!

Seriously so excited for this. Have been watching all the trailers and seeing the chatter on socials. I was saying at Blizzcon how there's a gap in the RTS market right now and honestly, Stormgate stands to fill that in a pretty strong fashion by the looks of it! I can't wait to learn more and get my hands on it.

Nothing but excitement

Played a ton of RTS games over the years and this game looks nothing short of amazing. The look and feel of the game is something I have been wanting to see for a long time. Growing up playing the command and conquer series that eventually went to the wc3/sc2 era of gaming. Watching pro matches with how good people had become and attempting to learn strategies. I would sit on weekends on the couch watching hours of sc2 content when that was in its prime. Watching Stormgate video and game play was just something else. I think this game has insane potential and a huge following of gamers that do miss and enjoyed that era of pro/competitive/non competitive play. Today I put my name down for Beta and also joined the kick starter to apart of wave 1. I have nothing but excitement for the new generation of RTS and to what this game can provide. GL to Frost Giant Studios and ill see you when the doors open.

Aaaand we're done

Kickstarter goal didn't take long lmao

New video on the official YouTube channel

These guys DONT SLEEP on update speed lol. I'm not sure what's funnier, Gerald sitting there, hand over the Photoshop mouse waiting to see how long the Kickstarter takes to be funded so he can finish the thumbnail and upload? Or him just guessing and gambling on the Kickstarter only taking 15 lol

StormGate Beta key link in email does not work or is blocked

When I click "Get your steam key now" button in the email, it brings up an error that Brevo has blocked their client >We have found some suspicious activity in this client's account and this link had been blocked for your safety. > >We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you think the link is safe, please contact the sender of the email. ​ The email is legit and is from []( domain. Anyone else having issues?

Lean into the DOOM aesthetic

The music absolutely slaps reminds me a lot of DOOM, and the marines vs demons look I think would benefit even more from just leaning into the DOOM style of brutal gritty combat. Especially for the demons, the weavers look phenomenal my absolute favorites, the magmadons look very mad max weirdly? The brutes look kinda bad tbh, the model itself is fine, but their skin is SO smooth, I don't really like how plastic they look. Gaunts are amazing though I love the gaunts and of course the Imps are superb, I love how dopey and cute they are, it kinda makes me feel bad for them and I love it. They're the punching bags of the infernals and it's great personality work just from the model. Of course it's all very early and they all look a bit plastic still, but it's looking really promising, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. I wish the artist all the best! Great job!

The Creators of Warcraft Made a NEW RTS, the FUTURE of RTS Games…

Taking a look at the new RTS developed by Frost Giant Studios which consistes of Ex-Blizzard Developers who worked on Starcraft & Warcraft strategy games. Having a game of Stormgate with Asmongold and Phin for the first time & talking about our first impressions after an hour of gameplay. If you want to check it out go to Subscribe: Become a Member: Streaming Every Day on EsfandTV! Starforge: The best PCs in the universe. Get yours today! Stay Connected with Esfand: ▶Twitter:​ ▶Reddit: ▶Discord:​ ▶Instagram: Edited by: Gorthax - #Esfand​ #twitch​ #streamer​ #EsfandTV​ EsfandTV

Seriously Happy with the Blended Races

From what we've seen so far, Humans play like a mix of Terran and Protoss while Infernals play like Zerg and Undead. I'm really happy with this, as I was worried that each race would just be a stand-in for a race in WC3 or SC1/2, (especially the first video with siege tanks, medics, and marines) which is a problem because if a race plays just like Protoss, I'd probably just play Starcraft. Having a damn Age of Empires catapult in the game and Age of Mythology Prometheon is amazing as well, even if the catapult looks like a lego piece. So good job Frost Giant! I've been excited since day 1, but I love seeing the blended races with units and abilities from different games so be an interesting and unique game. ​ ​

I realized today I’m more excited for custom games than actual stormgate..

And that’s okay! The engine looks amazing. Very responsive and lots of potential for custom games. Plus fully dev supported! I hope it brings in the best content creators out there in that space! Watching streamers play it made me realize the main game just isn’t my cup of tea without some serious reconsiderations in gameplay. I’ll be cancelling my Kickstarter. Frost has done a great job mimicking sc2 and wc3! I expect I’ll be very active in watching the competitive scene just like I am in sc2! Congratulations to FrostGiant for making an excellent engine! Finally an RTS that prioritized the most important thing! I can’t wait to find myself in your custom lobbies!

Kickstarter campaing start 2 pm ET

We now know the exact start time of the Kickstarter campaign. It will be on Tuesday, December 5th at 2 pm ET. (source: FB Frost Giant)


I very thankful for that opportunity to be in beta and i hope my contribution will bebvery helpful

Stormgate NEW Infernals Update

In this stormgate video we cover in-depth details of the infernal host faction. Stormgate currently has 2 playable factions in the stormgate alpha the vanguard and infernal host. Moving close to the stormgate beta soon, we have a lot more details revealed for the infernal host faction as summarised today in this video. The stormgate beta is set to start on the 5th December 2023. I hope you enjoy this stormgate infernal host summary video. I have plenty of other stormgate videos covering the latest information about stormgate as well as stormgate gameplay. Be sure to subscribe to the channel for all things stormgate. #stormgate


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Any new RTS players with us?

Just out of curiosity, it will be my first RTS type game especially competitive, are here any new players like me? I am hoping that the game wont be filled with only RTS veterans/enthusiast of SC2 and will be some room for new players. I used to play Quake Champions until I clearly realised ze that it is full of veterans and almost 0 new players. Hope this game will be different.

I've never been this excited for something I'm not invited to

Just getting to watch Grubby play will be glorious. Start the damn beta before I piss meself.

Did Frostgiant tease us for the third faction?!

In their kickstarter when you look at the pins, they have shape looking very sci-fi like! Reminds me of Riftborns from Endless space 2! Makes me excited to see what they bring!!


I mean I got so many flagged invites from local ladies that want to meet me, i almost missed this opportunity. I can’t be the only one. Maybe we can collectively cry about not getting invited to the Beta. Might bring my wife too, we can all cry.

Is it difficult to distinguish between units?

Is it just me or is it difficult to distinguish between the different unit types? I found it difficult to distinguish between Bobs, Lancers, Scouts, Exos, etc. when the units were clumped together. Even more difficult during larger fights.

Stormgate : Accès Bêta, Edition Collector ? (Le Kickstarter en DÉTAIL)

Kickstarter de Stormgate ► Dans cette vidéo on part à la découverte du kickstarrter de Stormgate. Au programme : Accès bêta, skins, campagne et édition collector. Stormgate est le nouveau RTS développé par Frost Giant. L'objectif ? Créer le prochain jeu de stratégie compétitif qui pourra relancer et renouveler le genre ! Dans cette vidéo on résume le gameplay des Infernal Host. Lien vers la vidéo d'IGN : Page steam de Stormgate ► Bande annonce ► =========== N'hésitez pas à me suivre et à vous abonner : Tiktok ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Youtube ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Discord ► ===========

Happy Cake Day to Gerald!

Thanks for all the help in the community and everything you do to keep in touch with the fans! It's a lot of work to try and stay on top of a community like this but it's immensely appreciated but the community and I'm sure we can't express enough how much it means to feel heard. Here's to all your help so far and where we might be in a year from now!