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Shadowflyer Updates #gaming #rts #stormgate

The Frost Giant team has been working hard on Stormgate ahead of its upcoming closed beta test (codenamed Frigate). Game director Tim Campbell shares an early look at some of the new features and content that the team has been working on . . . in addition to the unannounced third faction, campaign missions, and more. Want to see more in-development content like this? Be sure to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE so you won't miss our future updates. Wishlist Stormgate on Steam: Become a Founder and get access to the upcoming closed beta playtest: Want to become part owner of Frost Giant Studios? You can become an investor ahead of the upcoming Early Access release. Check out the stock offering on StartEngine: Become part of the Stormgate community on Discord: Join the discussion on Reddit: Follow Stormgate on Twitter: Still using Facebook for more than sharing baby pictures or keeping tabs on your exes?

New Exo Concept Art #rts #gaming #stormgate

The Frost Giant team has been working hard on Stormgate ahead of its upcoming closed beta test (codenamed Frigate). Game director Tim Campbell shares an early look at some of the new features and content that the team has been working on . . . in addition to the unannounced third faction, campaign missions, and more. Want to see more in-development content like this? Be sure to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE so you won't miss our future updates. Wishlist Stormgate on Steam: Become a Founder and get access to the upcoming closed beta playtest: Want to become part owner of Frost Giant Studios? You can become an investor ahead of the upcoming Early Access release. Check out the stock offering on StartEngine: Become part of the Stormgate community on Discord: Join the discussion on Reddit: Follow Stormgate on Twitter: Still using Facebook for more than sharing baby pictures or keeping tabs on your exes?

New Unit Voices #rts #gaming #stormgate #realtimestrategy

The Frost Giant team has been working hard on Stormgate ahead of its upcoming closed beta test (codenamed Frigate). Game director Tim Campbell shares an early look at some of the new features and content that the team has been working on . . . in addition to the unannounced third faction, campaign missions, and more. Want to see more in-development content like this? Be sure to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE so you won't miss our future updates. Wishlist Stormgate on Steam: Become a Founder and get access to the upcoming closed beta playtest: Want to become part owner of Frost Giant Studios? You can become an investor ahead of the upcoming Early Access release. Check out the stock offering on StartEngine: Become part of the Stormgate community on Discord: Join the discussion on Reddit: Follow Stormgate on Twitter: Still using Facebook for more than sharing baby pictures or keeping tabs on your exes?

Production bar

So, Grant's playing a Chinese SC2 mod on youtube and I saw this and immediately fell in love. Can we have this please? It's like, amazing. Just a production bar near your resources, it's so intuitive, you can check your upgrades progress at a glance, without having to go back to your base, like, in the Dog on Dog wars where the upgrade was SO important, just seeing how much time you still have while microing around each other would be SO useful like damn I want this so much.


후원은 투네이션으로 부탁드릴께요~ 김현범프로 후원링크 [LIVE] STORM GATE WAY 볼리뷰

The New Generation of RTS is upon us

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The perspective of a true RTS noob (on the subreddit)

I only see people talk in starcraft/warcraft or whatever terminology. It is really hard to follow everyone like that. I don't mind, but if you use terms like that all the time I don't think you can call yourself a casual or say what a new player needs. You already know the things that are going on. Also stop complaining. I tried the beta and loved it. It helped me get into the game. So just sit and wait thanks. I'm leaving reddit now. ​ P.s. the discord also is filled with toxic tryhards, sadly..

Burning imp should extinguish when they enter water

Since now water is a confirmed mechanic, i hope FG makes burning imps that enter water get extinguished so they neither explode nor die. Probably gonna be useless feature in 99% of times, but it'd add to immersion.

Meet the SCOUT in Stormgate

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The Lineup

Five similar RTS games coming up (ignoring those that are less similar like Homeworld 3, Godsworn, BAR, Age of Mythology Retold, etc): - Stormgate - F2P SC/WC hybrid w/ full macro, 1v1 no heroes but 3vE w/ heroes, episodic campaign, will be an esport - ZeroSpace - Paid SC style with with less macro, heroes for all modes, and a Mass Effect style campaign, will be an esport - Tempest Rising - Paid C&C style w/ C&C macro, no heroes?, traditional campaign, doesn't seem to have esport aspirations? - TBD Uncapped - F2P? SC style with less macro, heroes?, no campaign?, probably an esport? - Immortal: Gates of Pyre - F2P SC/WC hybrid with less macro, heroes for all modes, campaign, probably an esport? Honestly, they all sound exciting to me, and I will definitely try them all. Stormgate and Uncapped have the most renowned developers, and probably the biggest budgets - not that that necessarily translates to quality, but it should. Stormgate and Tempest Rising seem to be retaining the most traditional macro, which I appreciate, but I suppose could pose challenges for broader audiences. Umcapped seems like it might be focused on competitive? Tempest seems like it will scratch the "B movie campaign" itch, so I'm excited for that. The universes for Immortal and ZeroSpace haven't really grabbed me yet tbh - those two seem the most indie to me, but their gameplay looks interesting, and there's still plenty of time for them to mature. All in all, it's a good time to be an RTS fan! My totally subjective stack rank based on what I know so far: Stormgate, Tempest Rising, TBD Uncapped, ZeroSpace, Immortal. And just to head off someone inevitably downvoting because they have a different stack rank: it's totally okay to have your own subjective stack rank of course, just sharing mine fwiw.

New here wondering if there is a way to get my hands on this game and mess around with it.

Heard a lot of people talking about stormgate and just curious on release plans/early access opportunities. I make basic yt vids for beyond all Reason and a lot of our community is also interested in this title. You can dm or comment below. Thx

We need more skill expression

I saw a lot of posts from people suggesting how stormgate should remove or water down traditional RTS mechanics to appeal to MOBA players and casual players. The peak was people suggesting automated control groups and automated build orders. Here is my take: I noticed that current Stormgate already feels more like a simplified spiritual successor of SC2 and I think this is the wrong direction. Other competitive games like Dota 2, LoL and CS2 are so popular not because they are easy games but because casuals can play them with their friends. You can still have a good time with your friends while getting your ass kicked in the game but loosing games and being 100% responsible can often be frustrating. No amount of watering down an RTS will make it appeal to casuals since they will still loose about 50% of their games. Stormgate is described as a blizzardstyle RTS which for me stands for a good mix between complexity and mechanical difficulty. (I only played SC2 so correct me if I'm wrong) WC3 has more complexity while SC2 is mechanically more challenging. Stormgate currently feels like less complexity than SC2 and less mechanics than WC3. But for the core audience interested in competitive RTS these things are important. An Esport needs to be exciting to watch and for this we need ways for players to express their skill. I think SC2 is still going strong because it is exciting to watch. I don't think shifting the balance of complexity and mechanics is wrong. But currently especially for Infernals both complexity and mechanics are low, the macro is non-existent and fights are so slow while armies are nearly a blob of A-Click units. Brute split is such a cool mechanic but why the hell did they make it split automatically? Low level players won't care because they play against players who also don't care. With the higher TTK we need units that can be microed heavily like blinkstalkers, casters, etc. For me the solution is not to make the game easier. We should make it harder but in a meaningful way. Artosis makes a good point when he says that difficulty is a good way to balance an RTS. An RTS where you are bound to one race will never be balanced if people reach the skill limit. That being said I hope we will see an increase in complexity and difficulty when Stormgate enters early access. I really like that they removed the infest ability and moved it to a caster. For me that's the direction the game should move.

Design the most hated faction

We are all eagerly wating for the next beta phase to start and need something to kill a bit of time. Due to that we got a lot of posts about what the 3th faction could be and everyone tries to pour their ideas of a fun faction into it. Lets take a twist here. Just write factions with mechanics that might sound interesting but would ruin the fun of many players. My first take is "Liquid Mirror" A race made up by metalic humanoid shapes. They can produce 1 unit for every tier. With its first attack, the unit transforms permanently into the attacked unit. But they can only transform into units of the same tier. Add in 2-3 unique casters to the race and you get a mirrror match in every game you play. Second faction "True Random" At the start of the game, your workers get a random selection of buildings of any race ingame. To keep it somewhat playable you get always 1 type of build, so you would always have 1HQ, 1 tier1 Baracks, Upgradebuilding, and so on. ​


Welcome to this stormgate casted game with the stormgate vanguard versus the stormgate infernal host during the stormgate elephant open beta. Stormgate is a next-gen real-time strategy game set in a new science fantasy universe. Command mechs to defend the Earth or invade it as the Infernals. #stormgate

Was taking away infest from guant a good idea?

Want to know what the community thinks. I liked infest on guant.

New Infernal Units! Stormgate Developer Update April | Neo Reacts

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My third race prediction

All right. I know this is extremely original, but I'm going to put my prediction for the third race on here. I don't think the third faction will be an angelic one or anime cat girls (all though highly probable). The third will be a nature/spirit race. It will have ancient stone gladiators and humanoid animal spirit walkers. They are the "gods" that the vanguard are looking for, but they accidentally called forth The Gaia. The Gaia are the third race and they're main philosophy is to preserve the balance of the universe, while the vanguard seek survival and the infernal seek victory at all costs. So this is something I pull out of my ass. What do you think?

Interested in 1v1 Ladder or 2v2 Custom Games During Beta?

Hi folks! For the upcoming Beta Frigate, we'll have a 1v1 ladder, but no official 2v2 ladder yet. However, four-player maps will be available, allowing for 2v2 custom games. After chatting with Gerald (big shoutout to him!), and learning that the FG team is keen to assess community interest in 2v2 games, I decided to create this poll. Please vote to let everybody know your preferences! Thanks for reading and considering to participate in this poll. I'm excited to test the next beta with all of you! [View Poll](


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NUEVAS NOTICIAS acerca de STORMGATE | Cambios espectaculares

Bienvenidos a Universo Stormgate, el canal de YouTube dedicado al apasionante juego de estrategia en tiempo real (RTS) Si buscas mejorar tus habilidades y conquistar el campo de batalla, este es tu sitio.

T3 Units, Predictions?

What do you think will be the T3 units for Vanguard and Infernals? Did FG already say when we'll have a look at them?

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Is frigate betatest going to be playable on GeForceNow ?

I' m not sure if it is something that has been already discussed or not, but I was wondering if the game is going to be playable on GeForceNow for betatester for the next beta session? It was available during steam next fest and stopped working for the closed portion of the Beta so, I suppose it is going to be the same thing this time too, however I would like a confirmation either from FrostGiant or someone else that knows for sure. Thanks, can't wait for the 30th

Eternal April 15th - A Stormgate fanfic. Chapter 1

# Eternal April 15th Inspired by user Jayxp123 on the *Stormgate* discord server **Chapter 1 -** ***Beginning of the End***\*\*:\*\* Rays of sunlight pierced the thin opening between the curtains and hit Jay in the eye. Jay opened his eyes, gasped and grabbed his phone from the nearby nightstand. Excitedly, Jay brought the phone to his face and swiped the screen with his finger, lighting it up. The top part of the screen read: “15/04/21XY. 12:42 am”. “April 15th” Jay mumbled and raised his fists in the air, phone in hand, as he smiled. Promptly, Jay jumped out of the quilt. In the kitchen, Jay ate through his cereal as he watched the SimulaCon from last night on his phone. “Dude! This game seems so awesome!” came a voice from the phone. “Ayh nho!” Replied Jay as he swallowed the last spoonful. “And now, the reveal we promised!” said a voice from the video as the image changed to a person in a suit. “Oh! Here it is!” Jay said as he grabbed his phone and brought it close to his milk-stained face. “Warpwall’s second army!” came a voice from the video. “Finally!” came Jay’s friend’s voice from the phone. But after a few seconds the video was still showing the presenter’s face. “Any second now.” Said the video presenter. After several seconds without the screen changing, Jay started pouting. “Um, technical? The screen? Plea-” said the presenter, as the screen changed. “Oh, enjoy !” finished the presenter as the video switched to a display of several monstrous, fiendish-looking creatures, flying through space. Jay’s jaw dropped as he watched the video, which kept showing these monsters engage in bloody combat with some futuristic military, but also between themselves. “Whaaa-? Devils? Really?” came the voice of Jay’s friend from the phone. Jay didn’t answer for a few seconds, absorbed into the video, now presenting a chimeric devil slicing a military vehicle in two with its burning sword, just as the screen switched back to the presenter, who began to talk about the video. “Meh?” said Jay’s friend, as an “Unimpressed” emoji popped on Jay’s screen. “Eh?!” gasped Jay. “I thought they were amazing! What are you on about?” “Come on, literal devils?” complained Jay’s friend. “I thought they were amazing!” remarked Jay, his mind running back to that image of the devil cutting the fortified vehicle. “I was hoping for catgirls.” joked Jay’s friend. Jay facepalmed, as the door of the kitchen slid open. A man in a blue suit stepped into the room. “Are you finished with your breakfast Jay? You can’t be late.” said the man. Jay nodded to the man and said “See you later Monica!” to the phone as he ended the call. “Just let me get my bag.” “Already got it for you.” said the man and extended his hand behind the door frame, grabbing an orange bag and handing it to Jay. “Thanks Diallo.” replied Jay as he wore the bag over a shoulder. The two of them headed to the hallway, where an angel-like statue was showered by holographic lights that made it seem whole. Jay spared a moment to move his hand through the projected head of the statue, causing the head to shift through a few visages, some of them with horns, before he removed his hand and the projection returned to its original human-like appearance. “Some day, your games *will* cause a bug in the predictive program that produces the missing parts”. Diallo said, which Jay dismissed with a wave of his hand. As Diallo headed for the apartment door, he noticed that the elevator was occupied, ascending towards the apartment. “Did your parents forget anything?” “How would I know?” Jay casually replied, as the round door shifted into its cavity, presenting Jay’s parents. “Channary, Jacob. Hey.” Diallo replied, raising his hand in a friendly, semi-formal manner. “You’re still here?” Channary complained to Diallo and Jay, as she entered the apartment first. Jacob laughed at Channary’s complain. “Guess we all had a setback today, huh?” he said and then looked at Jacob. “Now, then don’t make Diallo wait, you hear me Jay?” “I’d just drive myself so that nobody would wait.” Jay replied with an aloof look. “This again? I told you that unauthorized personnel are not allowed into company vehicles.” Jacob replied. “I know, why don’t you give me *your* car then, while you take the company car.” Jay said with a smug. “Listen here you li-” Channary said, stopping herself as Diallo entered her view. “Diallo, please.” Diallo entered the elevator and gestured towards Jay. With a sigh, Jay waved his parents goodbye and entered the elevator. As the elevator descended, a voice echoed from above. “You see how careless h-” Jay heard, until the elevator was too far away. Down at the garage, Diallo picked a device from his pocket and pointed it towards the car, swiping his finger across a smooth surface on the device. “Beep beep” came a sound from an orange car nearby, as a couple of lights on it flashed, while the driver seat door lifted itself up. The side of the car featured a dark violet stripe, which read *Caucombia Manufacturing, Engineering and Real Estate*. Diallo entered the vehicle and swiped the interior of his door, which begun to close. Promptly, his window lowered itself and the co-driver door lifted itself. Jay looked at the Caucombia company title for a second. “Hop inside already!” Diallo told him and Jay promptly entered. About ten minutes later, they were past the industrial area and cruising through the suburbs. Diallo had been trying to fill their time with small talk, but Jay barely responded. He just stuck to watching the rounded roofs of the suburb homes and the yellowed autumn leaves in the area. “Diallo” Jay spoke out of the blue. “Why do you think my parents like that statue so much? To think they’d order an accurately-damaged replica of it.” “It’s a beautiful depiction of Justice. Plus, the statue was the first archaeological find discovered beneath the Caucombia industrial zone.” Diallo guessed. “Isn’t it because the piece got the authorities’ interests involved and security finally had an excuse to drive the protesting activists away?” Jay remarked. “Like the Fifth Wave? These people aren’t activists.” Diallo said, slightly irritated. “Fifth Wavers were the smallest group among the protesting groups though.” Jay corrected, turning his head to Diallo. “They all looked like Fifth Wavers to me.” Diallo responded. “That’s what everyone in the company says. That’s what everyone in the authorities and security says. Everyone else has been saying the opposite.” Jay murmured. “I doubt that the *everyone else* you’re talking about is more than a few students spreading misinformation through the university. We’d hear about it in the news otherwise.” Diallo explained. “The news are only concerned with promoting big companies, or covering election campaigns.” Jay remarked. “There’s a quake every other day, but the news never mention it. Even after what survivors claimed about the Arctic incident, the news still refer to it as an accident.” “I don’t know about that. The Sigma organization itself published a report indicating that the survivors were all suffering mental trauma from isolation.” Diallo said. “Didn’t the correspondent expedition find nothing?” “Nope. Their copter crashed; allegedly due to unpredictable weather conditions. But mainstream media just reported “*No findings in the Arctic*” and dropped the issue.” Jay corrected. “Whatever.” Diallo said, slightly annoyed. “The quakes are an unfortunate consequence of the Brink. They’re not because of our drilling - and there’s no way they’re caused by demons or aliens or whatever in the Arctic.” “But we don’t even know if-” Jay tried to reply. “Look Jay, can we just drop this?” Diallo cut him off. “There’s got to be something else to talk about.” Jay only replied with a mere “Pff”. “The world and its issues… this isn’t the time for that. You should be focusing on your studies. There’s a bright future ahead for you; with a career, so don’t let yourself be distracted too much.” Diallo told him. “I know.” Jay murmured and turned to face the window again. Another ten to fifteen minutes they reached the fringe urban area of Caucombia City. Diallo dropped Jay in front of the university gate, wished him a good day and drove out of sight. Jay got his student ID card in hand and checked in with the security at the gate. Promptly, he passed below the banner reading *Caucombia MER University*. After a few hours, Jay finished going through his first courses and looked for Monica around the courtyard. He saw her slouching on a bench, reading on her phone. He decided to sneak behind her, harmonica in hand. He leaned a bit closer to her ear and started playing a shrill tone. Monica gasped and turned to her back, seeing Jay’s smug. “You piece of slime! Again?” she said and tried to hit him with her phone, but Jay narrowly dodged. “Don’t do it Mon. You’ll break your phone.” Jay mocked her. “Just stop bugging me. Either sit down or go.” Monica demanded and turned back to her phone. “Cranky after a boring class?” Jay said as he sat on the bench and got his phone out. “Yeah. Can’t wait to get back home and play a game.” Monica replied, her eyes barely shifting from the screen. “On a Monday? You sure are serious about studying.” Jay joked. “Says the guy who hasn’t picked a field of study after three semesters.” Monica retorted. Jay stayed silent for a second. “Still torn between chemistry and music actually. Not sure which one gives me a life and which one gives me a future.” Monica briefly looked him in the eye. “Just study both then.” “And what am I going to do with that? Make music for chemical labs? Or cause molecular reactions via singing?” Jay complained. “Go for chemistry. You need an imagination for music.” Monica joked. “Oh no!” Jay said, as he went through his phone. “No chemistry or no mus-” Monica started jesting. “Neither! It’s a mail from university services.” Jay cut her off. “They noticed I’ve had courses of conflicting academic fields for a while now! They want me to visit some Dr Young’s office.” Monica sighed. “I guess that was coming. When is your meeting?” “Apparently, half an hour ago.” Jay said. “Then go already!” Monica shouted at him. “You’re right. See you at the concert tonight.” Jay said and got to his feet as Monica waved him goodbye. A few minutes later, Jay was going through university stairs and corridors, trying to find Young’s office in a hurry. As he reached the door with Young’s nameplate on it, the door half-opened, revealing half the interior of an office that Jay had never seen before. A person in a suit came out of the office, carrying a suitcase. With a startled look, she turned to Jay who was standing right there. “Can I help you with something?” Young kindly asked. “I’m a student. Um, academic services told me I had a meeting with you today.” Jay responded. “What? Now? I thought that was-” Young begun to say, as the building began to shake. Startled, Young retreated below the door frame, pulling Jay along. “Quake! Cover!” she shouted  towards the corridor. After a couple of seconds, the shaking subsided. Exhaling calmly, Young turned back to Jay. “The quakes really stress me. Your file should be in my bag, so how about a more outdoors meeting?” “Sure.” Jay replied. Young led Jay outside the building and they walked near the stage building. Jay saw security personnel going around the campus, looking for any damaged area. Young sat on a bench on the side of the building and invited Jay to sit next to her. From a nearby window, Jay could see the broken statue that had been affixed to the stage. The holographic lights were turned off during this time, so the statue appeared headless and was missing the hand with the scales. “So, you said your name was Jay. Academic only sent me one Jay file for today, so this has got to be you.” she said and smiled softly. “A music scholarship, I see. Are you playing tonight?” Young asked. Jay nodded. “You like the guitar? Or are you a drummer?” Young asked playfully, raising her eyes from her papers. “Actually I play wind instruments. Sometimes the keyboard.” Jay corrected. “I see.” Young murmured while going through the file. “Now, how does chemistry fit into this?” “It…” Jay sighed. “It doesn’t…” “The number of courses you’ve taken in chemistry suggests otherwise.” Young remarked. “What’s up with that?” Jay brought a hand to his temple. “Chemistry doesn’t really have anything to do with it.” Young looked at him for a moment, cupping her chin. “Perhaps, it’s what your parents have been requesting then? Do they not see music studies as a path to a… stable career?” “Nah. My career is one of the few things my parents are pressuring me about.” Jay assured her. “They’re pressuring me more to like that piece of rock than they talk about my academics.” Jay said, pointing at the statue on the stage. “Well, your parents are somewhat famous among the faculty, especially after donating the statue of Justice to the university.” Young said. “I’d expect that if anyone would like, it would be someone from your family.” Jay looked through the window again. “It’s not the statue in itself. It’s symbols of Justice like it, that I don’t like.” “You dislike… Justice?” Young asked with a perplexed look. “I dislike the pretense of Justice with a sword.” Jay replied. “Um… anyway. Statues aside, there’s technically nothing wrong with what you’re doing according to academic rules, except that you don’t have a declared major. So, I could roll you as a double-major and you’ll figure it out on the way.” Young explained. “Are you okay with that?” “Yeah.” Jay replied. “Please do so.” “Will do then. You’ll be able to see the change on your student profile tomorrow.” Young explained and got to her feet. They exchanged a handshake and Young was on her way, while Jay remained by the bench. Once Young was out of sight, Jay got to his phone. The top part of the screen read: “15/04/21XY. 16:33 pm”. Right below, a digital note read: “Last practice begins at 18:30”. Jay got his headphones and started watching footage from the SimulaCon video, scanning for Warpwall material, until he found the reveal video for the fiendish monsters that he watched earlier. A suggested video appeared to be a loop of this material and Jay switched to it, watching the revealed material again and again for a while. Jay was surrounded by tall, pitch black walls. The familiar statue of Justice hovered above him, complete and undamaged as holographic lights present it. A thud follows as a burning blade cuts through the wall from the other side. Inside the darkness beyond the opaque dark wall, the chimeric devil appeared, illuminated only by the light of its fiery sword. His legs began to shake and Jay dropped to his knee. The statue, as if prompted by the devil, descended between the dark walls only hovering inches from the ground. It began to move like a person, its stone arms moving like flesh or soft clay, as it pointed the stone sword towards the devil. The stone-winged angel flew towards the devil, who lifted its sword and brought it crashing onto the attacker. The statue blocked the gigantic blow with its sword arm, but the force dragged it down, pinning it to the ground. Soon, the weight behind the devil’s sword caused the ground beneath the statue to give in. With each passing second, the statue was being buried in opaque rubble. When only the head, one wing and sword arm were visible, the devil raised its sword again. “No!” screamed Jay, as the burning blade fell on the statue, which failed to block the attack. Its stony fist and sword were cut at the wrist, then its shoulder and wing followed. The fist-grasped stone sword was flung at Jay’s feet, while the statue stopped moving. As the statue remained motionless, the devil turned its attention to Jay. “No…” Jay murmured again, grabbing the stone sword, wrapping his shaking palms around the hilt. The devil moved towards Jay, raising it sword, intent to attack. “Jay…” it murmured as it closed in and lifted its sword. “No.” Jay whispered. “Jay.” the devil said somewhat louder. “No!” Jay shouted as he lifted the stone sword, which slipped from his grip. It fell to the ground and shattered. “Jay!” a couple of entwined deep voice erupted from within the devil’s throat. In a flash, the burning sword fell on Jay. “Jay!” Jay heard as he woke up to Monica shaking his head. Looking around, Jay found himself at the bench, phone still in hand. “Did you manage to doze off on *a bench*? During *daytime*?” Monica told him. “You did sleep last night, right?” “Of course I did…” Jay said, rubbing his eye. “Right after I told you goodnight.” “You’re not gonna faint during the concert, are you?” Monica mocked. “You won’t have to worry about that.” Jay answered with an annoyed look. Monica threw him a concerned glare and then smiled. “Well get it together then! Everyone else is about to begin practice.” The two of them entered the half-lit stage building and started getting ready for practice. During this time, Jay noticed that his left hand was still trembling a bit. Hours later, practice was over. The musicians were told that the concert begins in thirty minutes and to get any water or quick snack quickly. The trembling hadn’t affected Jay’s performance, but he could still notice it. About another hour later, the stage building was fully lit. The audience had filled the seats and a college worker was giving an introductory speech. “Not to delay the music any longer, what we’ve all been waiting for. Our first piece for the night is a remix from the old Alpha Coders piece, the *Cosmic Tapestry*. I hope you all enjoy the All-*Caucombia MER University* 21XY Student Concert stars as much as the rest of us will!” the announcer declared, finishing their speech. Before he had to start playing, Jay kept looking around the audience. His parents weren’t among the attendants.

What if the Third Faction...

Does not build units directly on production buildings except for the Command Structure and instead send workers to production buildings and trade them for combat units similar to Battle Realms gameplay?

Stormgate | 1778 Vanguard Mirror Matchup Gameplay

Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to masters. Diamond 1; Broken Crown vs Vanguard No commentary First person POV New video everyday

Stormgate | 1804 Vanguard Gameplay vs Infernal

Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to masters. Diamond 1; Broken Crown vs Infernal No commentary First person POV New video everyday

STORMGATE: LucifroN (Human Vanguard) vs. Elazer (Infernal Host) | EGC Stormgate Finals

STORMGATE: LucifroN (Human Vanguard) vs. Elazer (Infernal Host) | EGC Stormgate Finals --- Acompanhe os grupos e redes! Twitch: Seja membro do canal: Site brasileiro de Warcraft 3: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Mais redes aqui: Grupo do Facebook: Grupo do Discord: Grupo do WhatsApp:

Eternal April 15th - A Stormgate fanfic. Chapter 2

# Eternal April 15th Inspired by user Jayxp123 on the *Stormgate* discord server **Chapter 2 -** ***Hell on Earth***\*\*:\*\* A couple of hours and a few songs later, the concert was nearing its end. As a song ended, the announcer’s voice blasted through the speaker. “The All-*Caucombia MER University* 21XY Student Concert is almost com-.” the announcer was saying, as a quake begun to happen and the voice was drowned by static. People on stage and the audience begun to shake and panic, as an alarm went off. The quake was over within seconds, along with the alarm. “-nic! Don’t panic everyone! Looks like it’s just another little quake, that’s all!” the announcer said, fake-laughing along. “Let’s not let this *minor inconvenience* ruin our night. Let’s just all take a moment to sit down, *calmly*.” People begun exhaling, smiling and sitting down. “These quakes are all harmless, isn’t that what experts say on the news? Anyway, there it’s gone already!” the announcer said, giggling. Throughout the concert, Jay scanned the seats every break he got. He saw Monica’s parents and a few other familiar faces. His parents hadn’t attended so far. Jay turned to his water bottle for a quick sip. He noticed that there were ripples on the surface of the water. “And now, our last song for tonight! This original piece is called *The Devil opens the Gate of Hell*! I’ll let you appreciate it for yourselves!” the announced said, received with clapping and cheering. The band started performing the last piece. As the multi-movement piece reached its climax, a number of loud thuds echoed from outside, in concurrence with all the clapping. Momentarily, the glass on each window bent inward and broke into pieces, flung by a powerful force along with pieces of the frames and fragments of the wall. At the same time, a quake begun to shake everything again. Shards flew through the building, except the stage where there were no windows. Meanwhile, the quake caused a few ceiling pieces to fall off. The music abruptly stops, as screams and static begin to fill the stage building. The quake becomes less intense but doesn’t fully subside. Thuds from outside continue to be heard, despite all the noise. Jay fell to his knee. Monica was on her feet and looked uninjured, but another band member was wounded by a light projector that fell off a beam. Orange lights begin to flash from outside. A number of band members ran off the stage, heading for their relatives in the audience. Many attendants were injured from the flying shards. Some suffered slashes, while others were pierced. The luckier ones were wounded on a limb, but others suffered abdominal or even head wounds. As the static died, a few panicked people started running outside carelessly. Jay and Monica helped each other to their feet and moved towards the seats, where Monica’s parents were. “Monica!” a loud voice shouted from the seats, somewhat audible despite the noises. Jay and Monica saw Monica’s mother waving towards them, while she was holding Monica’s father by the hand, who wasn’t getting of his seat. The two reached Monica’s parents. As Monica touched her mother, they saw that Monica’s father had been pierced by a shard, which was stuck in his leg. He was bleeding and in pain. They stood speechless for a moment. “Mana.” Monica’s father said, grunting. “Take the kids and get out of here. Please.” “NO! Dad, we can’t leave you here!” Monica said while crying. “The three of us can carry him outside.” Jay said, leaning near Monica’s father. He brought the man’s arm over his neck and shoulder. “You need to lift his other side.” Quickly, the three managed to lift Monica’s father, who kept grunting in pain and bleeding slowly. The quaking only made their way harder, and Monica’s father almost slipped at some point. After the group managed to exit the stage building, Jay proposed they head for the closest bench, where Monica’s father could rest a bit. However, the quickly noticed that there was damage and hazards outside. Part of the campus wall were cracked, while others were broken off. Debris had shattered the nearby benches. Finally, there was fire on top of the stage building. “How could an earthquake do this?” Jay said. “He needs a doctor.” Mana said, as she looked at the pierced, bleeding leg. Monica’s father was panting and barely talking. “A stretcher too.” Jay added, barely holding a sob. “I’m gonna run around and see if I can get help. If you think you can move again, head for the university infirmary.” “Be careful, but hurry!” Monica said. Jay ran through the campus. All campus buildings appeared to have suffered some damage. Most windows were broken, except for a few on the southern side of the complex. Some faculty and students, who were still around, had exited the buildings and were looking after hurt people among them. Some of them could walk and were also looking for medical help. “-could be dangerous! Don’t just run there!” Jay heard near the campus wall. A couple of people were near a wide rupture on the wall, one of them wearing a white coat with a heart and a snake on it. The other person was holding their shoulder and passed through the rupture, shouting. The doctor followed them, but went wide-eyed and bit their lips after passing. Promptly, the doctor came running back in. Jay approached him. “Doc, there’s wounded people on the stage building!” he said, but the doctor ran past him, mumbling. Jay bit his lip and turned towards the rupture. Through it, he could see the broken windows a nearby building. Jay crept through and reached the other side. Every building and parked car in the distance had broken windows. Most buildings had suffered from the quake. The horizon was dark and smoky everywhere. To the north, a blazing orange-red broke beneath the clouds. Echoing thuds everywhere as the ground continued to tremble. Jay cursed and sobbed for a moment, before he made his way back to the campus. He set course for the infirmary again. The infirmary building was in awful shape, just like the rest. There was a nurse coming out of the building, carrying a large bag. “Hey! I need a doctor!” Jey shouted, waving. “Can’t help you kid, gotta get this bag to the doc. Now.” the nurse replied. Jay tried to run into the infirmary, but the nurse shouted at him. “Hey wait, there’s nobody in there. Just come with me.” Jay nodded and followed. They headed near the center of the campus were some people had gathered. Jay saw a couple of doctors among them, including the one from earlier, arranging people by level of injury. Jay ran to them, requesting help in the stage building. “Doctor Toggo just went there. He’ll need help; if you can, just go!” a doctor informed Jay. “Just one person? No way he’s enough! And where the hell is the security personnel?” Jay complained. “I’m sorry, but I’ve got enough problems here.” the doctor replied and walked away from Jay. Before Jay could walk away from the area, the tremors intensified. People started losing their footing all around. A giant crack formed between the pavement and a building. As the ground became uneven, the crack climbed the building, half of which collapsed in seconds. Some of the debris fell on nearby people, burying them instantly. Large pieces of debris also broke as they crashed to the ground, propelling sharp shards onto individuals further away. A piece hit Jay on the arm. He was bleeding, but thanks to the distance, it was just a scratch. Jay didn’t look at the scratch. As the tremors subsided, he just watched the panic and chaos around him for a moment, before he simply ran back to the stage building. On his way, Jay encountered a couple of nurses moving someone on a stretcher. A piece of glass was sticking out of their abdomen. “Hey, were you in the stage building?” Jay asks. “What’s happening back there?” “We’re not sure.” they replied without stopping. “We left its vicinity before the last quake happened.” Jay just kept running. As he approached the vicinity, he could see fires beyond the campus wall. Thuds from beyond the wall were louder than before. When he reaches the stage exterior, Jay noticed a corner of the building had been damaged, while the roof was crooked from lack of support. He saw Monica’s parents were still outside the building, her father resting on the ground, trying to keep his pierced leg still. Monica wasn’t with them. Jay ran to them. “Jay! You’re alright!” Mana said once she saw him. “The doctors are running all over the place, but they told me one of the was here.” Jay said, panting. “Where’s Monica?” “The doctor asked for help and she went back inside.” her father replied. Monica’s parents kept talking but Jay didn’t wait around. He entered the stage building, looking for her. In his hurry, he almost bumped into a couple of people, who were carrying another disabled person outside the building. The recent quake killed the power inside the building; all lights and other devices had died off. Only the orange light, coming from outside, illuminated the interior. More people had been injured since Jay left. More pieces had fell off the roof. Dust continued to sprinkle down from above. The fire on the roof was beginning to lick the underside of the roof. Jay’s left hand was trembling. He was breathing too fast. Holding his trembling hand in his other palm, he brought it to his chest. As he scanned the dark interior, he located Monica near the back. The doctor was somewhere between them. Jay rushed towards Monica. As he passed by the doctor, he saw him leaning above an injured woman on the floor. A student had knelt besides them and was crying, his eyes constantly shifting between her and the doctor. The doctor raised his look to the student, before shaking his head left and right. The doctor stood to his feet and walked away, as the student touched the woman’s neck, trembling. He shouted something that Jay didn’t hear and started crying and screaming. Jay hurried past the scene in front of him. He reached the stage, where Monica was. There was a hole on the stage, all the way to the basement below. Close to it, Jay saw a crack connecting the hole with the collapsed corner. Monica and another student were trying to lift a long metal beam that had fallen through the hole. Jay approached carefully, trying to peek down there without startling the students near the hole. He saw a wounded person down in the basement, partially covered by rubble. The immobile hand of another was protruding through the rubble. Jay gasped, which Monica heard through the noise. “Jay! You’re alright?” “Are you crazy? Why are you still here?” Jay said. “The doc… and then the quake, and then…” Monica pointed down. “We need to save him!” “We have to get out of here! Who knows when we’ll be next!” Jay shouted. “But…” Monica’s look was at the wounded person below. She gritted her teeth. “Will you just help us pull him up!” the other student interjected. Monica started pulling. After a moment, Jay joined their efforts. The person below them was holding the beam, screaming the entire time. Despite the trio’s efforts over a minute, they couldn’t pull them up. “If we had better leverage somehow.” the student said. “Something to pass through the openings on the beam. “There’s no rope.” Monica said. “There’s the water hose in the back of the building.” Jay added. “It’s pretty long one. Maybe it reaches back here.” “Can you get it?” Monica said. Jay looked her in the eye for a second without answering. “Please, Jay.” “Fine. I’ll be back soon.” Jay said and headed down from the stage. He ran to the nearest window. After breaking off some glass fragments with his phone, Jay climbed through the window and hopped outside. Alarm sirens were blasting from every direction, drowned by ever louder thuds. Jay stumbled from all the shaking and noise. He  moved towards the back of the building, near the campus wall. There was a tree here, just opposite to the water hose station. Its leaves and smaller branches had all been blown away. There was no sign of its leaves. The ground near the wall and the tree had turned a dark gray color with embers scattered around. Jay opened the water hose station and started unwrapping the hose, when he heard a strange noise beyond the wall behind him. A series of thuds each behind another in a clicking sequence. Along with growls and a strange orange light. Sweat started dripping down Jay’s forehead. He kept looking behind him as he unwrapped the hose, noticing two dark prongs appear over the wall. Each clicking thud was shaking the ground, until the thuds stopped just behind the wall. Two gigantic hands with golden nails raised themselves and grabbed the wall. Thuds were echoing through the wall. Jay run to the wall, far from the tree. He lowered himself and turned his head upwards. He saw some horned head rise over the wall. Its lower jaw was filled with protruding, jagged teeth. Leaning over the wall, it scanned the area with its ember-colored eyes. Because of all the noise, not even Jay could hear his yelp at the sight of the monster. Jay started squatting away, trying to remain out of sight, before he saw the monster lower itself behind the wall again. A number of ground shaking thuds started distancing themselves from the wall. Jay sighed and rose. After a few steps, he noticed the gigantic hands raise themselves again, further away from the wall, only the fingers and nails being visible. They were making a cup like gesture. A stream of embers started flowing upwards from behind the wall, passing between the gigantic hands. A short distance above the golden nails, the embers were coalescing into a fireball. The fireball was becoming larger, hotter, noisier and brighter at an amazing speed. Until suddenly, the fireball was flung onto the campus wall. An explosion followed, creating a deafening thug and a quake. The wall was melted and shattered. Wall fragments and jets of fire struck the back of the stage building. The sound that followed busted one of Jay’s eardrums. The already damaged back of the stage building crumbled. The entire back section of the roof crumbled onto the interior. Some flames were deflected on the ground, lighting it on fire. As soon as he recovered from the initial shock, Jay tried to stumble his way across the shaking ground. With a bleeding ear, he managed to tumble through the flames and reach the nearest window. It was bent out of shape; a cloud of smoke and dust was flying through it. Jay couldn’t see anything inside. He moved to the next window, but visibility was just as bad. Covering his mouth and nose with his hand, Jay tumbled inside. He couldn’t see where he was stepping and landed on something uneven and slippery. Jay was still holding the window frame and avoided falling down flat. He looked at what he had stepped on and realized it was an immobile person, who was lying on bloody, broken glass. “Monica!” Jay shouted, unable to hear anything. Before he could shout again, he tripped on something and fell. His knee was slashed by glass as he touched the ground. Jay noticed that he tripped on the statue, which was splashed with something red. It was cracked; something strange was happening at the cracks, but Jay disregarded it. “The stage…” he murmured, unable to realize that he was thinking out loud. He coordinated himself, trying to stand on one leg as he could. Thanks to the light coming from the hole in the roof, Jay managed to see through the smoke and dust. The entire stage was missing. Only a huge hole was left in its place. The ripped floor indicated a collapse. As he limped a couple of steps closer to the hall, Jay noticed the orange light through the smoke and dust towards where the back wall used to be stand. It was slowly becoming more intense. Jay started limping his way to the front side of the stage building. He couldn’t keep standing after some steps and fell again, but kept crawling forward. The light’s intensity reached the same peak as before, but Jay was still paces from the doors, so he crawled right behind the last row of seats. There was somebody else there too. They weren’t moving their legs, just shouting something that Jay couldn’t hear. In another split second, a powerful orange flash filled Jay’s vision, who dropped for cover, pulling the other person down as well. The explosion totally destroyed what remained of the back wall and caused another quake. Molten rocks and fiery jets fly through the room. A crack spreads across the floor, as even more of the roof collapses. Even some of the seats and the statue were flung by the impact. As the blast wave subsided, Jay felt the other person crawl away from him. They were shouting, but Jay couldn’t hear them. He couldn’t see them well either. He grabbed the seat and lifted himself to see around. Half of his vision was blurry. One of his eyes was in discomfort and pain, constantly shedding tears. Jay saw that the other person was crawling to the door. The frame and door were both bent out of shape. It seemed stuck, but it was moving. Jay realized the door was being banged by something strong. “Don’t! Back…” Jay shouted, unable to hear himself and lacking the strength to keep shouting loud. Instead, Jay tried to limp away from the door. Instinctively, he moved towards the hole. He fell, rolled and crawled. He noticed the statue again. It was slowly spinning along the floor that remained. A strange vortex was swirling around each of the cracks on it. It seemed like the vortexes were bending space or light. Jay moved past the statue, closer to the now enlarged hole, but he kept watching the door. Part of the floor started collapsing and sliding towards the hole. Jay almost slipped down in it, but a couple of protruding metal beam stopped his fall. Desperate, Jay turned to the door. He screamed, but the other person didn’t even turn. Momentarily the door was flung open, slamming onto the unfortunate person and raising a small cloud of dust around. Jay noticed that the person was still moving, extending a hand towards the door, as something entered and moved through the dust cloud. Jay couldn’t see the thing well, but it was long and curvy, almost like a flying snake or worm. It slowly moved towards the injured person. Once it touched them, they were both pulled out of the room at an amazing speed. Jay silently cursed, as the fire was beginning to surround  him. He begun trying to push himself up onto solid floor, but the worm-like thing entered the room again. The worm stayed above the floor, but its tip was leaning towards the ground. It kept extending itself through the door, revealing a length that spanned meters. Through his good eye, Jay noticed that it avoided the flames and leaned towards wherever pieces fell from the roof. Like it had senses of its own. As the thing extended  above the fires and approached him, Jay started holding his breath, keeping just his good eye open. The thing started moving away from Jay and towards the noise made by the statue. Jay kept holding his breath until the thing was lost from his vision. As soon as Jay breathed in again, he inhaled a large amount of dust and smoke, causing him to cough. While Jay couldn’t hear how loud his coughing was, the thing started leaning around the fires surrounding Jay, but the flames were repelling it. After a moment, the thing was rapidly pulled out of the door. Jay tried to climb up again, but within seconds, the roof collapsed and something massive fell along with it. Jay fell along with the whole floor, losing consciousness. When he came to, Jay was dazed. His whole body hurt. His right side felt completely numb. Breathing itself was painful. Jay noticed he had fallen on rubble with protruding beams. Two of them had pierced Jay. One through the shoulder and the other one through the right side of his chest. Jay couldn’t move his right side at all, neither could he move his neck much. Whatever remained of the basement had been buried below rubble. Piles of it surrounded Jay. Through one of the piles, near his right side, an immobile hand protruded. A hand familiar to Jay. He sobbed and moaned, much to his pain. Unable to move his right hand at all, Jay tried to extend his other hand toward hers. It hurt just trying to lift it, even more so when he had to move his shoulder. Jay shed tears and moved his neck reflexively, glimpsing upwards. There was the cracked statue, entangled between two half-molten iron beams. Continuing to spin despite their resistance, it slowly weaved them together. Until one of them snapped. The thing returned to his field of vision, some distance from the statue. As the other beam snapped, the cracked statue fell on the basement and was shattered into pieces. Two small objects fell from inside the statue. One object shone a brightly red. They were surrounded by the vortexes. They kept spinning, approaching each other as they did. Suddenly, all light from above vanished. The two objects imploded into each other as they touched, creating a single luminescent object, vaguely rectangular in shape. Simultaneously, the basement floor itself collapsed, revealing a dark cavity beneath. Everything, including the rubble and object fell, along with Jay. Falling faster than the luminescent object, Jay managed to grasp it. Then, it’s light vanished. Jay was now unable to see anything, or hear anything. He was only left with the sensations of falling and grasping something. “Beep…” heard Jay. A faint echo within the darkness. There was only the silent darkness. Even the sensation of falling was gone. “Beep.” heard Jay. A clear tone somewhere ahead. A sensation came back to him. It was the feeling that he held a rectangular object. Jay opened his eyes on his bed and saw that he was holding his beeping phone. The top part of the screen read: “15/04/21XY. 12:42 am”. “April 15th” mumbled Jay. He was in his room. He dropped his phone and heard the sound of static.

Eternal April 15th - A Stormgate Fanfic. Chapter 3

# Eternal April 15th Inspired by user Jayxp123 on the *Stormgate* discord server **Chapter 3 -** ***Forward to the Past***\*\*:\*\* Jay lifted himself to a slouching position and looked around him. He could see normally. He got up from the bed and moved towards the window. For a split second, Jay saw a wave of static on the sky, as if the sky was a giant screen. Then it was gone. For a few minutes, Jay simply rubbed his eyes and watched the cloudy sky outside. Afterwards, he picked up his phone and scrolled through the contacts, reaching Monica’s contact entry. Jay noticed that his hand was trembling a bit. Jay decided to give her a call. After the call beeped for a whole minute, the call attempt was rejected on the other side. A few seconds later, Jay received a phone message from Monica, reading: “Bit early, wanna snooze. Call you in 10”. He sighed with relief. Jay went to the toilet next. He took off his shirt and checked his body, looking at his eyes and ears, then his shoulders and chest, until he had checked everything, including his back. There were no bruises, no scratches, no blood. Later, in the kitchen, Jay poured himself some cereal. Then Monica called and they begun watching the SimulaCon video together. “Dude! This game seems so awesome!” came Monica’s voice from Jay’s phone. Jay rubbed his ear when he heard her. “Can’t wait to see that reveal again!” Replied Jay as he swallowed the last spoonful. “Again?! Did you watch it last night without me?!” Monica complained. “Of course not…” Jay said with a calm voice. “Warpwall’s second army!” came the presenter’s voice from the video. Trembling a bit, Jay grabbed the phone and waited for the reveal. There was the same delay before the footage started. Jay watched the same video, holding the phone in a trembling hand. Monica disliked them again, while Jay silently watched the video until the chimeric devil appeared. Jay put his phone on the table, screen down. “Meh?” said Monica, as an “Unimpressed” emoji popped on Jay’s screen. Jay stayed silent and Monica made a catgirl joke. Promptly, Diallo opened the door and Jay said goodbye to Monica. “Hey, can you grab me my bag from behind the door?” Jay asked Diallo. “Of Cour-.” Jay heard the sound of static coming from Diallo. “Wow! How did you know that I already brought it?” Diallo said as he leaned for the bag. “I…” Jay spaced out for a second. “You seemed slightly stressed. I know you well enough.” “Yeah, right! You just heard me through the door, didn’t you?” Diallo replied and handed the bag, while he hurried on ahead. As they passed through the hall, Jay hurried on ahead of Diallo. He didn’t waste a second on the statue; instead he rushed to the elevator and pressed the button. “Woah! Who’s chasing ya?” Diallo joked. “I don’t want them telling me about tardiness and all.” Jay answered, as they stepped inside. “They never expect me to report tardiness.” said Diallo, while the elevator descended. “Not you.” replied Jay. “Then wh-” said Diallo, as the elevator door opened. Channary and Jacob were standing right outside. “You’re still here?” Channary complained to Diallo and Jay, as they came out of the elevator. “Guess we all had a setback today, huh?” Jay said. Jacob laughed, but Jay heard his laughter mixed with static. He looked at Channary and Diallo, who were calm. “You know I was just about to say that.” Jacob said, as he and Channary entered the elevator. They waved each other goodbye. Promptly, Diallo and Jay got in the car. Jay didn’t say anything during the twenty five minute drive to the university, although he heard static here and there. Jay went through his courses, getting small episodes of deja vu. Afterwards, Jay stared walking towards the courtyard, until he took his phone out. He saw the mail from university services directing him to visit Dr Young’s office. Jay scratched his head. He sent a text to Monica, explaining he had to see a professor, then he headed for Young’s office. Jay reached Young’s office pretty fast, remembering it’s location from memory. He knocked on the door and heard the sound of static on the other side, before Young spoke. “Just a moment please.” Young’s voice echoed through the door. A minute or so later, Young spoke again. “Please come in.” Jay pushed the door open, although he couldn’t open it all the way. Revealing half the office, Jay stepped inside. In the office, Jay saw a patch of darkness where the rest of the room was. There was nothing visible in the dark patch, except for Young who appeared visible in a sitting pose, and her suitcase which appeared to lay half-open in mid-air. Wide-eyed, Jay noticed light coming in from the window normally. “Your office…” he murmured. “You…” Young said, as a second of static followed. “…don’t like it?” There was no sign of trick curtain or projectors that Jay could see. He scratched his head. “Not really… do you mind if I sit next to the window?” “Sure. Go ahead.” Young said and Jay sat. “And you would be?” “I’m Jay, a student.” Jay replied “Academic services set a meeting with you today.” As they discussed, Jay noticed that Young said almost the same things. As their meeting ended, a quake happened. “Quake! Cover!” Young shouted, as her and Jay moved below the door frame. The quake was short. After the short quake, Young exhaled calmly. “The quakes really stress me. Thankfully, we’re done, which also concludes my day.” she said, closing the door and walking away, as she waved Jay goodbye. Jay reciprocated. He walked away from the door until Young was out of sight. Then he hurried to the door and entered again. The patch of darkness was still there. With Young gone, it was a perfect void, seemingly empty of everything. Jay tried to push the door fully open, but it wouldn’t go into the dark area at all. Jay closed the door and walked right in front of the dark area. He tried to step forward and his sense of touch told him he did. Instead, Jay saw himself step right outside of it, just where he was before lifting his leg. Jay made further attempts to enter the darkness, or just interact with it, all with a similar result. He even tried to throw a book, but it just fell at his feet. For a minute, Jay sat on the floor and looked into the inexplicable darkness, before he left the building. He headed back to the courtyard. Monica wasn’t around there anymore. Jay called Monica. After a few beeps, she answered. “Hey academic issues. Did you get expelled?” “As if it’d be that serious. Just got finished with that.” Jay replied. “Well, go home and get some rest then. We’re going to need our energy tonight.” Monica advised. “Tonight…” Jay started biting his nails. There was a moment of static, before Jay heard Monica again. “You didn’t forget about the concert, right?” Monica joked, although Jay didn’t answer for a moment. After Monica called his name twice, Jay heard the sound of static from his phone. “Monica?” he shouted. “Don’t shout in my ear! I think we got a bad connection there.” Monica said. “Yeah… So, I was thinking that going home is, you know, a whole drive away, for me. Plus, I’d have to wait for the car.” Jay slowly mumbled. “So what will you do?” Monica asked. “Well, I thought we could hang out until then.” Jay proposed. “Uh, I don’t know. I thought I’d relax playing games until practice time.” Monica said. Jay saw his hand trembling. “Oh come on! How tired can we get having fun during daytime?” Jay said. “You’re not really wrong.” Monica said. “Okay, where do you want to meet up?” “Can we meet at your place?” Jay said. “Did you just try to invite yourself to my apartment?” Monica joked. “I meant meeting outside your building or something like that.” Jay told her. “Well, good. My parents will be back soon and they would definitely buzz us out.” Monica replied. “Alright, I’m coming over. I’ll ping you when I’m there. Don’t take too long.” Jay said. “Yeah, yeah. See you later.” Monica said and hung up. “Tonight… the concert” Jay murmured, thinking out loud as he pocketed his phone. He was sweaty and had even cried a few tears out of one eye. The trembling was worse. After wiping his face, he breathed in and out a few times, until he was feeling calm. Jay then left the university premises and headed deeper into the city. Throughout his course to Monica’s, there were moments when Jay would hear static from people nearby; sometimes from public speakers too. The static never lasted for more than a few seconds at a time. There were even times when Jay couldn’t make out what certain writing read. Characters were melting into each other without a specific pattern. Sometimes the whole text was jumbled, other times only part of it. Some writing was even covered in darkness. Sweaty and trembling, Jay reached Monica’s building about fifteen minutes after their call. He pinged her phone and tried to calm himself. After a handful of minutes, there was no sing of Monica. Jay pinged her again every minute. After five minutes, Jay grew worried and called her, only to door open, followed by the ringing of Monica’s phone. “Would you take it easy on the alerts?” Monica complained. “I swear, you’re being kind of pushy today.” Jay sighed. “Sorry, I’m just… a bit stressed.” “Rare for you.” Monica remarked. “Anyway, do you have anything in mind or should we just walk and see?” “Let’s walk for a bit and we’ll decide on the way.” Jay proposed and Monica agreed. They walked around Monica’s neighborhood for a few minutes, until they ran into a hologram exhibition. “Hey, look at that!” Monica pointed at a hologram surrounded by interested people. There was a sign above the hologram, with a logo on it. “Oh, I think I remember that. It’s that company that’s competing with Sigma on hologram technology.” Jay mentioned, watching the sign. “Looks pretty high-tech, right? Let’s check it out!” Monica said, pulling on Jay’s hand. Up close, it became apparent that the hologram was being produced by a couple of large disc-shaped projectors, with hologram itself situated below them. They were now close enough to hear the hologram’s voice lines. But Jay only heard static instead of a voice. Even surrounding people’s vocal reactions came out static to Jay, including Monica’s. After hearing a third voice line as static, Jay laughed out of stress, but quickly stopped as he heard Monica’s laughter and voice again. “These puns are pretty good!” she exclaimed. “What is a hologram’s favorite pot? A *holo-form*! He-he-he!” Jay heard the hologram voice lines clearly this time. Soon, people around him started laughing. Wide-eyed, Jay faked-laugh along, not really hearing anything around him. “Jay!” Monica spoke loudly near Jay’s ear, attracting his attention. “I so spaced out there.” Jay said. “And I’m all sated on puns. Let’s keep going.” Monica said. Jay nodded. A few minutes later, they passed close to a holo-planetarium. A sign above the entrance booth read: “Watch the cosmic tapestry without exposure to solar storm stress!” Jay rubbed his chin for a second. “I’ve missed this. What about it? Don’t you think it’d be awesome?” he told Monica. “Hmm. But the planetarium at this hour?” Monica said. “I feel like it’s a place to come at night.” “You can’t even tell if it’s night or day inside the hologram chamber. Maybe there wouldn’t be as many people during this time. Would be less noisy and all.” Jay argued. “I *do* enjoy the silence.” Monica said. “I’m just afraid we’ll lose track of time inside.” “I’ll put an alarm for us on my phone.” Jay said. “Okay, let’s grab a drink and go.” Monica said. After Jay put the alarm on, Jay stopped Monica just before entering the chamber. “I need to go somewhere. Find us some good seats.” Jay told her. “Now? The heck dude. Where?” Monica said. “The toilet, I don’t want to get the calling after we’re seated.” Jay answered. “Come back quickly. Don’t you dare get lost!” Monica said. Jay dismissed with a wave of his hand. Then he went to the toilet, took out his phone and disabled the alarm. He took a moment to watch himself in the mirror, before he returned to the hologram chamber. Inside the chamber, Jay could always hear faint static somewhere in the distance. After locating Monica, he snuck behind her seat and place his palms on her eyes. “Jay! You-” Monica said as she pulled Jay’s hands away, but Jay heard the last part of her sentence as static. She softly punched him and pointed him to his seat after that. Jay sat next to her and placed his legs on the top of the front seat. Monica mimicked him. “It’s nice when it’s not crowded indeed.” “Told ya.” Jay smirked and looked upwards, to the holograph tapestry. “You know? I think there’s more starless spots than before.” “Or you’re being crazy.” Monica sneered. Jay and Monica sat down and talked about the tapestry, video games and music. After hanging carelessly for a long time, Monica eventually noticed the time on her phone. A couple of minutes later, she’s bolting out of the holo-planetarium, while Jay chases after her. “What the hell were you thinking Jay?!” Monica shouted at him. “I don’t believe it! We’re already thirty minutes late for practice!” “Monica please, calm down!” Jay pleaded. “How can I?!” Monica howled. “We need to get a ride to the campus! Like yesterday!” Jay ran up to her. “I wanted to skip practice, that’s why I did it.” Monica turned around and stomped her foot. “You want to skip the last practice?! And you dragged *me* along into this, without saying anything?”. “I thought that you’d just see it as something harmless.” Jay retorted. “This is a bit unbelievable, even by your standards.” Monica said as she hurried on. “An attack will take place during the concert.” Jay told her. “We can’t go. We just can’t.” Monica frowned and bent her lips. She said something that Jay heard as static, before saying “You’ve grown too sick a sense of humor Jay.” She shoved Jay away. “Monica, please, just listen to me!” Jay pleaded, as he tried to stay close to her. “If we just talked, you’d understand.” Monica stopped for a second and sized Jay up. “How could you even know?” she asked Jay, holding her hand extended between them. “It’s strange, but it’s as if I have already lived this day. Or dreamed it. Then suddenly, I was living it again.” Jay said, trembling. Monica puffed with a disappointed look. “I thought you were acting weird since earlier, but this… Look Jay, maybe you take your own way to campus.” Monica hurried on along. “I know how it sounds, even I thought I was crazy but-” Jay said, trying to stay close, until she started running. Jay ran after her, shouting her name and pleading her. Eventually, she turned around and shouted at him again. “No Jay! I want you to stop!” “B-but I-” Jay tried to plead. “No!” she howled. Jay didn’t say anything for a few seconds and Monica ran away again. Jay didn’t chase her this time. He kicked the nearest wall, then leaned on it and facepalmed. As Monica went out of sight, Jay cried a few tears. A few minutes later, he headed for the campus. When practice was halfway through, Jay reached the campus. As he got checked by a couple of security personnel at the gate, Jay mumbled “You’re still here.” “Of course. Campus security is a 24/7 job.” a security guard answered, as he handed Jay his student ID card back and prompted him inside. Jay walked towards the stage building for a minute or two, before he turned around and started watching the guards at the entrance. After a moment, he changed course for the security station on campus. He entered an adjacent building, hid behind a window and started watching the station. Every few minutes, he checked the time on his phone. During this time, Jay would hear a faint bang or thud every now and again, coming from somewhere far away. After a long time, Jay saw multiple security personnel running to the station. The entire security personnel crew starting bringing guns out of the station, along with body armor and small crates. They began loading them into a couple of security vehicles. When they finished loading, a quake happened. The guards grabbed their guns and aimed around, until the quake subsided. Afterwards, they all boarded the vehicles and drove out of campus. Jay exited the building and banged his head on the wall a few times, before running towards the stage building, keeping a small distance from all buildings. As he was approaching the stage building, Jay saw a few small orange lights, faraway in the distance. They flew towards the campus, gradually losing height. Two fell somewhere outside, but one flew past the wall, until it collided with the stage building roof. Jay dived to the ground, covering his head with his hands. A deafening thud followed, as the flames spilled and the pressure damaged the building. When the blast waves stopped, Jay rose and saw that the roof ended up blackened and dented. He ran to the stage building. Jay had to wait for people carelessly running outside the building, but managed to make it inside. He bolted for where Monica’s parents were seated. He reached Monica’s parents just as she did. She sobbed near her injured father, when she saw Jay move close to them. “J-Jay! You were here?” Jay brought the man’s arm over his neck and shoulder. “We’ll carry him out. You need to lift his other side.” After a brief objection by Monica’s father, they managed to bring him outside. Mana and Monica were looking for a place he could rest, but Jay objected. “Despite his injury, we can’t stop. We need to take him as far away as possible.” Jay instructed. “We need to find a doctor.” Mana argued. “He needs to rest a bit.” Jay looked at the injured leg, then at Monica’s hand. “It won’t make a difference. We have to get a car and leave the premises.” He looked Monica right in the eye. “Trust me.” Monica’s father objected again, but Monica’s look convinced him and Mana to keep struggling. They reached the injured people near the center of the campus, where they noticed the damage on other buildings. A doctor and two nurses ran towards them. “You there! Did you come from the stage building?” “Yeah… There was a quake.” Mana replied with a tired voice. “There will be another soon. Don’t assess or treat anybody inside; just get them out.” Jay warned. “I’ll be on the lookout.” Toggo replied and left along with the nurses. Continuing through the injured people and doctors, Jay shouted to them, warning them to stay away from buildings that would soon crumble. A few meters away from the center, Jay stopped. “We need to stop for a bit. The quake is immin-” Jay started saying, as the tremors intensified. They lowered themselves as they could, while they watched building section crumble, only meters away. The continued to the gate when the tremors subsided. “If I survive this… I’d like to hear more… about your premonitions… sometime.” Monica’s father joked, between ragged breaths. “We will... I’m sure.” Jay said shifting between a shaky voice and a resolute tone. A couple of minutes later, they reached the gate. “Where did all the guards go?” Monica wondered. “They got a call just before the quake that preceded the last song. I saw them all grab their guns and leave.” Jay explained as they crossed the gate. “That’s why you skipped the concert? You were spying on them?” Monica asked. “I had… I wanted to know why they were gone.” Jay answered. Over the gate, Monica and her parents were shocked to see the situation outside the campus. They sobbed and moaned, but Jay stayed calm and urged them to continue. Monica’s parents’ car had broken windows. Two doors and the roof were dented. Rubble had fell around the car. They entered through a functional door, helping Monica’s father lay on the back seats, but Mana had trouble turning on the engine. The tremors were intensifying again. Orange lights and clicking thuds started to approach from nearby streets. “I think we need to ditch the car.” Jay shouted through the noise. “Like now!” he said and opened the door. He tried to pull Monica with him, but she resisted. “What about dad?!” she cried with a desperate look. “We’ll… carry him to the nearest building and-” Jay shouted, but he stopped as he saw humongous figures emerge from the surrounding streets. Each figure was a few building floors tall and emanated orange light. They had horned head and arms with golden-nails, as Jay once saw. However, the rest of their bodies were concealed in roiling clouds of static. With each step they took, the static cloud faded and more of their body was revealed. First the chitinous tips of six legs, then a chest with a flaming crevice. Mana screamed when see saw them, their visage revealed in only a few steps. “Take the kids and go. You have to live.” Monica’s father shouted, looking at Mana. The multi-legged hulks turned towards the car and raised their arms in tandem, embers flying from their chest and coalescing into fireballs above them. Jay, Monica and Mana tried running away. But the fireballs were launched after a few steps, exploding and covering everything in flames. In a flash, Jay couldn’t see anything anymore. He felt a surge of pain reverberate through his body, but it was gone just as quickly. Then the feeling of Monica’s hand was gone, then the feeling of stepping on the ground. Finally, his vision turned wholly dark. Then, he had the sensation of holding something. Jay opened his eyes on his bed and saw that he was holding his beeping phone. The top part of the screen read: “15/04/21XY. 12:42 am”. Jay threw his phone on the wall.

Question for Frost Giant; will the map editor's environmental & terrain options only impact the damage & pathing of units? Or will there be options for more "realism" like speed, traction, vision impacts, etc?

From what i have heard and read the map editor will allow for: - High ground/low ground interactions, - Static water & other tilesets impacting building placement & pathing, - Destructible items like trees, - Capture points or creep camps, - Day/night cycles, - Darkness & shadows that interacts with unit & world lighting, - Neutral buildings, - Weather effects that cause damage on the map, - Weather effects that only impacts the environment (eg. Wind blowing trees). Did i miss anything? Let me know! What i am wondering we might ever get (probably not as these are complex as) any could be "shoot for the moon" type ideas in a next gen map editor: - Water & Wind direction pushing air units (speed impact) and ground units to a lesser extent, - Flowing water that interacts with terrain and also inflicts damage be re-routed based on terrain and building placement, - Terrain changes due to weather impacting units such as wet weather mud causing vehicles to slow down/bog, or icey ground causing units to become hard to micro, - Rain, fog, etc decreasing range of vision of units, - Destructible terrain, more than just the Starcraft 2 boulders, but all terrain that pits if a big bomb goes off or can be dug into a trench then refilled by a unit, - Hot & cold temperatures impacting unit speed, functionality, and/or stamina (eg. Humans walk slower in heat, vehicles take a while to get up to speed in cold) All wild ideas, none of it i expect of course, but it is a curious question of "where do we draw the line of realism in the map editor"?

Stormgate | 1775 Vanguard Gameplay vs Infernal

Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to masters. Diamond 1; Broken Crown vs Infernal No commentary First person POV New video everyday

EURA Strange Tournament

Поддержать стримера можно тут: Стримы на twitch: Instagram: Telegram: Меня зовут Алихан "Ally" Иманалиев. Мне 19 лет. Я стример по играм жанра RTS - Warcarft 3, Starcraft 2, Stormgate. #warcraft3 #ally #starcraft2 #stormgate

Vulcan Team League Grand Finals BO7 Team League

The big Beta Wave has ended and this was the epic best of 7 Team League! TheRealNanMan Podcast: NanMan's Nerd Corner Timestamp 0:00 Intro 2:02 Game 1 6:44 Game 2 21:18 Game 3 43:44 Game 4 55:48 Game 5 1:10:20 Game 6 1:26:21 Outtro #rts #stormgate #realtimestrategy #realtimestrategygames

Elden Ring: Episode 3- Stormgate

On this episode of Let's Play, I traverse through the Stormgate and onward. The Encounter by Scott Buckley | Music promoted by Creative Commons / Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Grandmaster SC2 (Vertical)

This one is vertical, dude ---------------------------------- I greatly appreciate everyone who stops by to check out my content. I hope you enjoyed it, have a great day! Buy Games: Twitter: Discord: Paypal Tips: – Music provided by Lofi Girl – Listen:

STORMGATE: VortiX (Infernal Host) vs. Bosse (Infernal Host) | EGC Stormgate Finals

STORMGATE: VortiX (Infernal Host) vs. Bosse (Infernal Host) | EGC Stormgate Finals --- Acompanhe os grupos e redes! Twitch: Seja membro do canal: Site brasileiro de Warcraft 3: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Mais redes aqui: Grupo do Facebook: Grupo do Discord: Grupo do WhatsApp:

Crowdfunded Tournament - thoughts?

Hello everyone, I was wondering what are your thoughts on a crowdfunded tournament for Stormgate? The International, DOTA2's biggest tournament of the year is crowdfunded (it collects millions of dollars) and I always thought that it is a good marketing strategy and could be a good segue into a healthy professional scene. What I wish for Stormgate once it releases is a big tournament moneywise so it can pool a lot of players to it. Is crowdfunding at all a bad way to start the professional scene or is it something you would support?

Scouting should be more difficult

Inmho free scouting units at the beginning of a game take away some decision making. Scouting should always come with a price. It should be risky but rewarding to not scout or scout only after some minutes. I also think cheese is good for the game, some of the most intensive and / or funny games i had in SC2 were the result of a successful or failed cheese. What do you think?

The self hotkey from Heroes of the Storm

Full disclosure - This isn't a new idea, I've made a post about this ages ago before we've seen any gameplay or known any of the units, and the only criticism I got was that all my examples were from a MobA, not an RTS, namely Heroes of the Storm where this functionality exists - I don't know if any other game even has it - so I figured, I could provide more hands-on examples since most of us have played the game by now and we've seen the units. **What's a self cast hotkey?** In Heroes of the Storm the hotkey is ALT, the way you use it is you hold it down then you press the ability you want to use and it will automatically cast that ability on the unit you have selected or right underneath it if it's a ground targeted ability. For example, let's say you have a healing ability on Q, you can press ALT+Q to heal yourself. Or maybe you have an AoE damage ability on W, you can press ALT+W and it will cast that ability directly under your unit. **Pros:** Saves time in the heat of battle, since you don't have to click or aim, you just do it with a button press. It also frees up your mouse. You don't need to move it over your own units, essentially allowing you to move or a-move while casting buffs or heals on your own units at the same time. **Cons:** You don't aim. Sometimes aiming is quite necessary or at least beneficial. Because there's multiple casters in an RTS, when multiple units are selected which one casts the ability is not always clear, which in turn may result in sub-optimal usage of an ability. **Examples for Stormgate:** Medtechs have 3 abilities that could benefit from this and I'd love to have it. Med-Patch - It's not the most helpful for this ability, but it can still be useful. Namely in small skirmishes when you want to prioritize healing your medtech rather than another unit you can press alt+z. When multiple are selected and only one is wounded, it's not really useful anymore and besides it has autocast. Nanoswarm - It is much more useful with this one. You cast them faster by just pressing ALT+X and it will heal your MedTechs that tend to bunch up around each other (and vulcans) anyways. Targeting specific units can be more optimal, however it is very much useful to just to do it faster mid-combat. Static Shock - Now this is why I want this the most. Static shock is an AoE you have to click on your own units, and it's used usually when you want to escape or charge in. In both cases, you wanna use it fast. You can keep your mouse in the direction you're running to or attacking into, and still cast it on your own units by pressing ALT+C. It runs into the challenge that maybe you won't hit your entire army without aiming it manually, but you will hit a good bunch and then you can aim it on the rest manually if needed. It's just convenient. Sentinels - Deploying a bubble under your sentinel with the press of a button is just convenient sometimes and can be faster than having to click the area, but again, it's not as optimal, since manually selecting an area might cover more of your units, and sometimes if you have multiple sentinels you might have shields that overlap somewhat. Still, just deploying it under the sentinel like it's a stationary Guardian Shell is good enough for fast paced fighting. Hexen - I haven't played with them yet obviously, but they have plague mines which are very much like my favourite use-cases in Heroes of the Storm. Basicallly what you can do is, if an enemy is chasing you, you can move your mouse to the direction you want to run away in, and press move commands at the same time as you're laying mines underneath you. It saves you having to move back your mouse whenever you want to lay the mines, so you can more or less do it on the move and the enemies that are chasing you will run right into them.

STORMGATE - Große Update Details vor neuem Playtest!

Viele neue Infos vor dem anstehenden Frigate Playtest von Stormgate. Originalartikel: Originalvideo: Twitch: Discord: Twitter: #stormgate #infernals #rts

Stormgate | 1795 Vanguard Gameplay vs Infernal

Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to masters. Diamond 1; Broken Crown vs Infernal No commentary First person POV New video everyday

Stormgate Slander

Extra meme video for the game so far

Stormgate | 1775 Vanguard Mirror Matchup Gameplay

Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to masters. Diamond 1; Broken Crown vs Vanguard No commentary First person POV New video everyday

Stormgate | 1796 Vanguard Mirror Matchup Gameplay

Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to masters. Diamond 1; Broken Crown vs Vanguard No commentary First person POV New video everyday

Angespielt Stormgate Demo - Vielversprechendes RTS im klassischen Blizzard-Stil

Und noch ein RTS das in die Richtung der Klassiker geht. Stormgate errinert nicht nur vom Look her an klassische Titel aus dem Hause Blizzard, es spielt sich auch so. Jetzt bleibt abzuwarten ob die Kampagne eine ähnliche hohe Qualität erreicht und das die Fraktionen im Multiplayer gut gebalanced sind. Andere Dinge von mir: Stormgate: #Stormgate #VTuber #GERVtuber

Stormgate | 1851 Vanguard Mirror Matchup Gameplay

We suddenly jumped up 50 ranking points! Woohoo! Video 1/2 for today because this one is so fast Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to masters. Diamond 1; Broken Crown vs Vanguard No commentary First person POV New video everyday

EGCTV Stormgate Open | Viimeinen karsinta | 10 000€n betaturnaus

Pelit pelattu 16.2.2024 Kiitos kun katselit! Turnaussivu: Mikäli tykkäsit videosta niin pistähän subaten ja otahan muutkin kanavat haltuun rohkeasti: Divi-merchiä vaan tilaamaan: Tervetuloa myös Discordiin höpöttämään kaikesta maan ja taivaan väliltä:

Stormgate | 1852 Vanguard Mirror Matchup Gameplay Vs @SKillousYT

How exciting! Be sure to check out his content he's a nice guy. Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to masters. Diamond 1; Broken Crown vs Vanguard No commentary First person POV New video everyday

Demon Gier #200 | Stormgate

Demon gier czyli seria poświęcona mojemu wrażeniu z ogrywania dem. Demo w tym filmie to Stormgate. Discord Wodza -

Stormgate | 1852 Vanguard Mirror Matchup Gameplay

Video 2/2 for today. I hate it when it gives me 0.. Videos uploaded everyday of my climb up to masters. Diamond 1; Broken Crown vs Vanguard No commentary First person POV New video everyday

Eternal April 15th - A Stormgate fanfic. Chapter 4

# Eternal April 15th Inspired by user Jayxp123 on the *Stormgate* discord server **Chapter 4 -** ***Wake, Live, Die, Repeat*****:** A minute later, Jay stopped looked at the ceiling and collected his phone. There was a noticeable crack on the screen. He messaged Monica. “Bit early, wanna snooze. Call you in 10”. Jay bit his lip and bumped his phone a couple of times. During his call with Monica, Jay wasn’t watching the SimulaCon, but was instead drawing and eating croissant with one hand. While he pretended watch along, he was making a rough sketch, with lines and arrows moving out of a circle before returning to the circle. The word “guards” were written along an arrow line. “Station” was written inside a circle. A late hour number was written on top of the paper. Soon, Diallo entered and noticed the paper. “Is that an attempt at visual arts?” “Nah, just a video game thing.” Jay replied and begun folding the paper. As they walked through the hall a minute later, Diallo saw Jay pass by the statue without messing with it. “Not interested in messing with the statue today?” Diallo joked. “What… Oh, the statue!” Jay said and turned around to face it. “You’re not actually considering it now, are you?” Diallo, failing to hold back a laugh. “No, it’s just… never mind.” Jay replied. The elevator door opened and Jay’s parents entered, remarking Jay’s tardiness. “Hey, mom. How old did you say the original statue was?” Jay said, pointing to the replica. Channary raised an eyebrow. “Seven thousand. An artifact from the era that civilizations dawned. We’ve never found anything as old in Caucombia.” she answered. “Rare for you to be interested.” “Thanks. Also, could I have the car later today. Sometime before the concert.” Jay replied. “Unfortunately, something has come up and we can’t spare the car tonight.” Jacob explained. “To be honest, I don’t think we’ll make it to the concert after all.” “Well, take care. I guess I’ll see you… later.” Jay replied and entered the elevator. “Bye, Channary, Jacob.” Diallo waved and followed after Jay. A minute after they were in the car and on their way, Jay spoke. “I’ve got a favor I want to ask.” “Nope.” Diallo said. “But you haven’t even heard what it is yet.” Jay complained. “If it wasn’t something that could get me into trouble, you wouldn’t be asking me.” Diallo said. “No way it’ll get you into anything.” Jay spoke. “Can’t believe you. But let’s hear it.” Diallo said mockingly. “Could you, maybe, leave the car with me today?” Jay asked. “This? This *company* car? Thanks for getting me into trouble Jay, but no thanks.” Diallo said, shaking his head. “Relax. Nobody is going to know.” Jay said. “Until somebody knows; then I get fired.” Diallo retorted. “I swear, it’s really important.” Jay pleaded. “Why do you want a car before the concert anyway?” Diallo asked. “Actually, I want it for after the concert. I want to drive with… someone.” Jay explained. “Ha! Jay, you sly dog…” Diallo said with a smirk. “Hoping to drive somewhere romantic?” “Yeah. You get me, don’t you Diallo?” Jay pleaded. “I don’t know. You put so much as a scratch on this, my life’s on the line.” Diallo argued. “I swear I’ll be careful.” Jay said. “You won’t touch a drop of drink in the car. You hear me?” Diallo instructed. “Come on, I brought it back fine last time, remember?” Jay pouted. “I found a stain you know; and a scratch too.” Diallo said. Jay narrowed his eyes. “No you didn’t.” “Okay, I didn’t. But you’re gonna act like I did with this car. Understand?” Diallo requested. “Thanks Diallo!” Jay said with a smile. Once they reached the campus, Diallo parked and handed Jay the keys. Afterwards, Jay pulled his morning sketch out of his pocket and studied it. Jay spend enough time over the paper, past the time of his first courses. Jay had now sketched “two guys” inside the circle and the gate. After some time, Jay drove into the city. He started checking places around. Every now and then he’d hear somebody’s speech as static, or there would be a place with a dark interior. Jay parked the car near a busy street with a number of shops. He walked through the area for about ten to fifteen minutes, looking around. Many of the shops simply appeared as dark spaces to Jay. Jay approached a passerby. “I’m sorry. Do you happen to know if there’s a pharmacy or an athletics store here?” he kindly asked. “Hmm.” the passerby hummed. “I’m sure there was a couple of each in this area. Just go up and down this street and you’ll find one, I’m sure.” “Thank you.” Jay said and followed the advice, scanning the street as he walked. Still, he failed to locate the place the passerby mentioned. Jay looked at the time and called Monica. After a few beeps, Monica answered. “Hey. Where you at?” Monica asked. “I didn’t come over today. Had an errant to run. It’s why I called you.” Jay told her. “Oh? You need something?” Monica replied. “Yeah. I’m in the shopping area towards the centre, looking for a pharmacy or an athletics store. Do you remember where I’d find one?” Jay asked. “Well, I’m sure there was one below the Synth-Tastes printer restaurant in that area.” Monica answered. “That’s the place we went together when you had your birthday, right?” Jay asked. “Yep, yep.” Monica replied. “Thanks. I’ll see you later.” Jay said. “See you at practice.” Monica said and ended the call. Jay watched the phone for a moment with a sad grimace. Then he walked towards the restaurant. Right below Synth-Tastes, Jay found two smaller stores, but the interior of both appeared as dark patches to him. He could hear a small amount of static coming from each. Jay tried asking passing people for help again, but most people gave him a weird look or answered something that Jay heard as static. In either case, they walked away without really helping. About twenty minutes later, Jay moved near the darkness. He closed his eyes, started stepping forward murmured his thoughts in whispers. “It’s a pharmacy. It’s a pharmacy. It’s…” Jay suddenly heard static, then a voice. “Hello! Can I help you?” He opened his eyes. He hadn’t taken a step into the darkness, but he could make out a human-shaped silhouette inside it. “Hi…” Jay mumbled. “Is this… a pharmacy?” More static, as some of floor was revealed, along with a counter. Then he could silhouette more clearly, the outlines of its hair and fingers becoming more pronounced. “Well, if you saw a pharmacy sign, that’s what it is, right?” came a voice from the silhouette. “Yeah, I suppose I did.” Jay said, fake-laughing a bit at the end. As he did, he saw the darkness slowly fading to reveal the interior of a pharmacy store. Inside was a person in a white coat. The reveal wasn’t perfect. A lot of items appeared as dark oval shapes or puffs of static. The person’s face was a dark patch, except for their mouth. Jay rubbed his eyes and more items became visible around him. “I’m looking for a stretcher.” he said to the seemingly faceless pharmacist. “There should be some over there.” the pharmacist said, pointing to some shelves. Jay examined the different stretchers. He picked one which included unfolding instruction on it and carried it to the counter. “Well, I hope you never need it.” the pharmacist said as Jay paid. The pharmacist lifted the stretcher to hand it to Jay, briefly obscuring their face from Jay’s view. “Thank you mis-” Jay was saying, until he lowered the stretcher and saw the pharmacist was now completely revealed. Her eyes were looking into his. “Goodbye” he told her and exited the shop. About a meter away, he scratched his head and turned around. He saw a sign above the pharmacy now, with a heart and a snake. He remained wide-eyed for a few seconds, until he walked back to the car, put the stretcher in the trunk and begun driving away again. Jay drove back to the campus. He parked the car as close to the gate as he could. He spent some more minutes examining his sketch, before he got out of the car. He let time fly by and skipped practice again. He went to his hiding spot window near the security station. Sketch in hand, he waited for some time. Night began to fall as Jay sneaked his way to a building near the gate. Moving through its corridors, he reached the toilets. Noise indicated that someone was inside one of toilets. Tip-toeing his way, Jay lifted an aluminum can that was inside another toilet. He brought the can over his shoulder, holding it with both hands and waited. When the occupied toilet door opened, the security guard gasped as he saw Jay right outside. Jay immediately slammed the can between the guard’s temple and forehead, knocking him out. Jay walked back to the gate next. There was only one guard left there, who was anxiously looking around. “Weren’t you at the concert?” the guard told Jay. “I forgot something in the car.” Jay replied, casually moving his shoulders. “I’ll be right back.” The guard nodded for him to continue. Jay carried the stretcher from the car back to the gate. The guard gave a weird look when he saw Jay carry the folded stretcher. “Is that a… stretcher?” the guard asked as Jay approached. “Yeah, but if you grip it like this…” Jay said as he shifted his grip and waited for the guard to walk out of camera view. The he slammed the metal side of the frame across the guard’s face. The guard stumbled backwards and dropped to a knee. He tried to move his hand push a button on a device on him, but Jay stepped on his palm. “Wait, but I’m-” the guard pleaded, but Jay stroke him with the frame right on the nose. The guard fell unconscious, with blood running from his nostrils. A few drops had stained the stretcher. Jay’s hands were trembling and he took a minute to stabilize his breathing. He left the stretcher by the gate and headed to the security station. He reached a reinforced door with a camera right above it. He pressed a button with a bell next to the door and heard a ping echo from inside. A security officer opened the door. “A student?” the officer said with a raised eyebrow. “What are you doing here?” “I’m a student. The guard at the gate told me, um, that his comm device didn’t work, and he wanted you to know, but couldn’t leave his post. Something like that.” Jay said, shrugging. “What’s a student doing here at this hour?” the officer asked. “I came for the concert. My partner is performing and I’m already late, so… if you don’t mind, I’ll-” Jay said. “Wait, wait a second.” the officer said and turned to his partner inside. “Hey, Eri. Who’s posted at the gate right now?” The other guard looked into a screen on a table. “It’s Gure and Ancher.” “Ping their comm.” the standing officer ordered. Eri brought a headphone near her head and started pressing buttons. After a few seconds, the officer spoke again. “Well?” “I don’t know Ramsamy. Their devices register as still active but they’re not picking up.” Eri explained. “Code Yellow?” “No. Not at this… time.” Ramsamy replied and turned to Jay. “Please, enter the station.” he said to Jay, kindly but also staring him down. “Sit there.” Ramsamy said, pointing to a chair. Jay complied. “Is… is it that dangerous?” he said, pretending to be surprised. Ramsamy didn’t answer. He took a key from a drawer near the table and used it to open another reinforced door. Beyond the door was an armory. Ramsamy grabbed a rifle, a pair of googles and two magazines of ammunition from inside. Then he sealed the armory again and returned the key near Eri. He started attaching his comm device along with a headphone. “I’m going to check on Ancher and Gure.” Ramsamy told Eri. “If he tries to go or if he touches anything, put him in headlock and cuff him.” he ordered, pointing at Jay. “W-What?” Jay said. “But-” “Just a safety precaution.” Eri said with a smirk. “Don’t worry. Just stay calm. We’re safe here, aren’t we?” she asked as Ramsamy shut the station door. “Safe? Are we?”. asked Jay, trying to look Eri in the eye. “There’s no safer place kid.” replied Eri, looking at Jay for a split second. Jay pushed his chair a bit and slowly begun to rise from his chair. Seeing him, Eri started to rise herself. “Uh-uh! You heard the cap kid.” “I just want to go for to the restroom. Please.” Jay pleaded. Eri huffed. “Can’t it wait?” “Well, I thought so before I came here, but I wasn’t planning on being here. At least not for long.” Jay replied. Eri sighed. “Fine. It’s that door over there.” She pointed as she fell back to her seat. “Thanks.” said Jay as he rose and spun the chair over his shoulder, bringing it onto the surprised Eri. She could barely block the strike, but she was injured on the forehead and elbow. The strike made Eri stumble backwards to the wall, but she supported herself on the drawer and stayed on her feet. As Jay tried to hit her with the chair again, Eri grabbed it. She pulled the chair off his grip and it fell to the ground. Eri tried to grab it, but Jay kicked it away. Eri delivered a swift uppercut to his chest. Jay grunted as he got hit. He kicked her a bit off and jumped away from her. Jay palmed his right ribs and made a grimace. Eri stood tall and smiled. Eri pushed the table between Jay and the front door, then she charged him. Jay used the table as support to jump into a  double kick, but Eri ducked and parried, with Jay flying just over her. Jay lost his footing as he landed and slipped on his knee. Eri ran and grabbed Jay’s one hand while she pressed on his shoulder with her other hand. Then she stomped on Jay’s other hand before he could lift it off the floor. Jay howled as she stepped on him. His loud voice near her ear distressed Eri. Jay tried to use her distress to escape but he couldn’t. Eri lifted her hand from his shoulder and jabbed his temple, then pressed his shoulder again, before Jay could escape. Then she attacked the same way again, but targeted the chin. There was blood on Jay’s lips. Before Eri could attack him a third time, Jay screamed in her ear again while trying to slip simultaneously. He put as much as he could in his scream and Eri’s face showed signs of pain. As he kept screaming, Jay could hear the sound of loud static being mixed with his voice. Jay felt her grip start to slip and gave his scream everything. Eri fell on the ground. Jay stopped screaming and started coughing. Jay noticed that he had coughed blood. There was blood coming out of Eri’s ear. Jay laid two fingers on her neck. He got to his feet and sighed with a smile. As he stood, he noticed that the screen on the table was cracked. Jay looked at Eri’s blood ear again for a second. Jay grabbed the key from the drawer. He opened up the armory and browsed through the weapons inside. There were rifles, handguns, armor, headgear, magazines with plastic bullets and lead bullets. Jay grabbed a rifle and as many magazines as he could pocket. He quickly got out of the station, scanned the vicinity and returned to his hiding spot. Later, Ramsamy returned with the guys that Jay had knocked out. They were running straight to the station. They carried Eri along with equipment out and put her in a vehicle. Then they started loading equipment into security vehicles. A bit before they finished loading, a quake happened. The guards were on edge until the quake subsided. Afterwards, they all boarded the vehicles and drove out of campus. Jay exited the building and walked back to the gate. He picked up the stretcher he had left there and returned to the car. Jay drove into the campus and headed for the stage building. He reached its vicinity just a bit after the blast hit the roof. Some people were running out of the building. Jay got out of the car, carrying the stretcher with him. He locked the car and rushed into the building. Inside, he made his way to Monica and her parents. “Jay! You’re here? You’ve got blood on you chin…” Monica said, sobbing. “I’ll explain later.” Jay said as he extended the stretcher. “Help me move him on the stretcher. We’ll carry him to a car I’ve got outside the building.” “You got a car past the gate? How?” Monica asked. “They left.” Jay said, causing Monica to gasp. “Again, I’ll explain later.” After carrying Monica’s father to the car, Jay opened the door for them. They saw the gun and ammo that Jay had left on the back seat. “Jay, what is that?” Mana asked, partially stepping in front of Monica. “Please, we need to get in the car. I’ll explain on the way.” Jay pleaded. They all got in and Jay drove the four of them out of the campus as fast as he could. “Aren’t you driving too fast? We should stop by the infirmary and get dad checked.” Monica said. “No, no. The entire place will be under attack very soon. We can’t stop here.” Jay replied. “What do you mean under attack?” Monica asked. “I mean that very literally. There will be fireballs and missiles.” Jay answered. “How do you know that?” Monica said with a grimace. Jay took a second to answer. “I heard the security guards say so before they leave.” “Where and when did you get the gun Jay?” Monica asked. “I..” Jay stuttered for a second again. “…stole it from the security station.” Monica’s jaw dropped. “WHAT?!” Mana shouted and moved her hand near the gun. “Are you… a terrorist?” “I’m not. Do you see me attacking?” Jay said. “If not the campus… then we need to go to a hospital.” Mana said. “Central is the closest.” Monica added. “Yeah, we can go there.” Jay said. Another earthquake happened before Jay reached the gates. He waited it out. Then he went past the gates and turned left. Everyone except Jay gasped at the situation outside. There were constant thuds coming from around outside. “That’s not the way to central.” Monica said. “There’s enemies coming from these streets. I need to take a more roundabout route.” Jay replied. Jay drove past the streets, many meters from the campus gate. Some strange clouds of static begin to appear far ahead of the car, rushing from streets many meters away. Monica spoke but Jay heard static. “Can you take the wheel?” Jay asked Monica. “Sure, but-” Monica replied. “Quickly.” Jay said and stopped the car. Monica and Jay stumbled through each other and switched seats. The static clouds were approaching, gradually fading away, first revealing a set of clawed limbs. Jay grabbed the rifle and armed it. He opened the window next to him and turned to Monica. “Just focus on avoiding them” he told her and brought his head and gun outside the window. The closest static clouds were fading to reveal skull-like faces, with wide fanged maws and without eyes. The heads appeared aflame. Jay aimed at the closest one and fired. Monica shouted a bit along with the loud bang. The high speed made it hard for Jay to tell whether he hit or missed. The static veils disappeared completely. What appeared to be half-severed corpses were blasting flames from their backs and kept approaching. Jay switched the safety to auto-fire and started firing again. The gun rumbled like an industrial machine as it spat out bursts of ammo. The closest monster stopped moving and its flames died out. Jay kept aiming and firing at the other ones, until his rifle clicked. He pulled himself back into the car. “I need to reload.” Jay said and grabbed a magazine. “There’s still many of them. We need to turn around.” Monica said. “Just run them over.” Jay said as he finished reloading and pushed himself through the window, before shooting again. One of the ran through Jay’s fire but got ran over. The car bumped from the uneven movement. Jay hit his shoulder on the window frame, but he kept shooting until he ran out of ammo again. As Jay pulled himself back into the car and was reloading, one of the monsters jumped forward and landed on the windshield, cracking it. Monica started screaming and had trouble keeping the car in a straight path. “Stay back!” Jay shouted and aimed at the windshield, switching the safety back to single shot. As the monster slammed its nails on the windshield and broke it, Jay shot at it three times and it fell off the car. The car bumped again. Monica was trembling but she was setting the car straight. Jay sighed and fell to his seat, briefly closing his eyes. “Oh no!” Monica shouted. “We’re slowing down.” Jay started noticing the lowering speed. He looked at the fuel indication. The pin was moving towards the bottom of the bar rapidly. “What’s that?” Mana said with a grimace, pointing upwards. There were three dark silhouettes high in the distance. They resembled birds but something was glowing on their head. They were closing in, their glow becoming brighter as they approached. Jay began to aim at them through the windshield frame. He noticed that the winged figure had no head, but just a glowing eye instead. He fired some shots on the closest one and clipped its wing, causing it to plummet to a nearby building, where it exploded. Everyone in the car screamed at the sudden noise. The blast wave hit the car, breaking the rear glass and tilting the car a bit. The car was slowing down even more. Jay ignored the noises as much as he could and shot the second approaching flyer, but didn’t connect. “Dodge it!” he shouted, hoping Monica would make it. Monica turned the wheel along with the brake and the car drifted sideways, dodging the flyer which crashed into the street just behind the car. The nearby explosion lifted the car and overturned it. Everyone was screaming, especially Monica’s father. “Crawl out!” Jay shouted and got out through the window along with the gun. He rushed to Monica’s side and helped her out. Mana also crawled out and she was tried to pull her husband out. Jay saw the third flyer start to swoop in. “Run from the car!” he shouted and pulled Monica along. “Dad!” Monica shouted, crying. Jay saw Mana nod and started retreating. She was a few meters away, when the flyer dived on the car and smashed itself against it. Jay and Monica were further away and took cover behind a truck. There was another explosion and the blast wave knocked Mana off her feet. As the flames consumed the car, something immediately crawled  out of the ruined vehicle. It was another monster, heading towards Mana. “Mom! No!” Monica screamed. Jay shot but the creature reached Mana and attacked her neck in a frenzy. The gun clicked at the last shot. Mana and the monster had stopped moving. Monica ran to Mana’s side. She fell to her knees, screaming and crying, shaking her unresponsive mother. Jay reached her and heard a series of clicking thuds approaching. He gasped and touched Monica. “We’ve got to go!” he shouted. But Monica resisted. “I just can’t anymore…” she mumbled, with Jay barely hearing her. Jay tried pulling harder but he was in pain and exhausted. The thuds became louder, as a fireball monster emerged from the nearby street. Monica went wide-eyed as she saw it, but lowered her head. “We’re already dead…” Jay gritted his teeth. He let go of Monica and dropped the empty gun. He walked between her and the monster. “Well, if we’re already dead… I should tell you.” The monster raised its arms and began to form a fireball. “Today… I went to a pharmacy. I though it was the darkness, but maybe it was me.” Jay shouted. The fireball finished forming. “I thought Eri was sensitive but what if… it was me…” Jay shouted again. The monster flung the fireball at them. Jay screamed at the top of his voice, raising a cacophony of static that drowned the constant thuds. The sound wave collided with the fireball which exploded in midair. Jay’s scream was deflecting the explosion to a degree; he was not shaking from the impact, but the nearby flames kept burning him. Jay felt pain and blisters grow on his body. His eyes constantly cried. As the flames died out, Jay fell to his knees. He was coughing uncontrollably and spitting blood. Monica touched his shoulder. “Jay!” she shouted. “Just go… don’t give up… live… run anywhere…” Jay mumbled between coughs, without the strength to shout anymore. Monica started running away. Another fireball was flung and Jay screamed to stop it. His scream was less powerful and the flames burned worse than before. The gun was red-hot and melted into flames along with Jay’s hand. Through the cascade of his tears, Jay couldn’t see anything. Soon everything went dark. The sensation of pain was gone, along with the sensation of heat and the sensation of the gun. Jay opened his eyes on his bed, holding his phone. “So close…” he mumbled, crying a tear with half a smile.

Who else thinks Atlas looks so weird and ugly?

For me, I prefer Atlas to be in the shape of a tank or something man-made, rather than an alien bug, Even with the mech design, we can get a better look than this. (edit: Since the majority agree with me, please like the post too) [screenshot of Atlas un-sieged mode]( [View Poll](

Eternal April 15th - A Stormgate fanfic. Chapter 5

# Eternal April 15th Inspired by user Jayxp123 on the *Stormgate* discord server **Chapter 5 -** ***The Eternal Warrior*****:** Jay walked to his bedroom window, phone in hand. He opened the recording app and talked. “It’s been so many April 15ths by now, that I’ve lost count. I think it’s been about nine of them, since I noticed that the latest vocal recording remains in the phone despite the reset. Everyone else just hears static from them”. “I’ve discovered that I can shape the strange static and darkness with my imagination; like filling in what’s missing. I don’t understand this well. I’ve tried fighting this way, but the scream was by far the only effective method I came up with.” “I’ve improved with the scream, even learned how to control its output and channel to a degree. My neck still suffers some backlash and I can’t scream constantly. But I’m getting better and better.” “I’ve checked the statue; more than once. There was never a sign of the vortex-emitting objects. I feel like them being gone is related to when I touched them.” “I’ve made so many memories and plans, I’m surprised I can remember them all so well. I don’t think my memory has even been this perfect.” “No matter what I’ve learned or tried, it seems that Caucombia city itself is doomed. Thanks to everything I’ve learned, I crafted a master plan to end up out of Caucombia with Monica and her parents. I’ve already failed three or four times at it, but only barely. I think this time will be my lucky one.” “Manipulating and lying to people. Abandoning others. Attacking security till they’re out cold. Sabotaging their vehicles so they’re stuck fighting along. I want it to end so much…” Many long hours later, Jay, Monica and her parents reached the closest coast to Caucombia and parked on the docks there. It was way past midnight but some locals were out and watching the smoky sky and orange light far away. Jay mentioned they’ll need to get on a boat. He said he’ll speak with the locals to get passage, but as he was hurt from all the chasing and fighting, Mana and Monica offered to go instead. Jay was sitting inside the car, watching Monica’s father who was laying in the back seat. He was so tired he couldn’t keep his eyes open. Just before sleep overtook him, he glanced at his phone. Jay managed to read “16/04/21XY. 04:26 am” on the screen, before he drifted off to sleep. When Jay woke up, he felt he was laying on something. Something soft. He stretched himself and opened his eyes. He was in his room, on his bed, holding his phone. With a trembling hand, Jay lit the screen and turned it to his face. The top part of the screen read: “15/04/21XY. 12:42 am”. The phone fell from his hand. Jay was trembling. “B-but…” he mumbled to himself. “…I didn’t die… why…” Jay stayed in his room for some time, staring at ceiling. He ignored pings and calls from Monica, only moving when Diallo urged him to get ready. He didn’t eat anything and avoided talking as much as he could. Diallo asked more than once about his well being, but Jay just replied with excuses. As they passed through the wall, Jay stopped in front of the statue replica. Jay lifted the replica out of the holograph case and carried it to the balcony. Diallo noticed and called out in panic but Jay ignored him. He touched his shoulder and Jay used a brief scream to knock him to his feet. He said something that Jay heard as static; the typical reaction to Jay’s inexplicable screams. Jay threw the replica off the balcony, which collided with the pavement outside, fracturing into pieces. Jay entered the apartment again. He noticed the Diallo was unconscious. He pocketed his car key device, just as the elevator door opened up. Jay’s parents entered the apartment. With surprised faces, Channary and Jacob approached Diallo. They asked Jay what happened but he entered the elevator in the confusion without answering. “How could you…” Jay said looking at his parents and the empty holograph case behind them, just as the elevator doors closed. Jay got into the car and drove straight to the campus as fast as he could. When he reached the university, he headed straight for the stage building. He entered the currently vacant building and ran up the stage. He approached the statue, just a breath away from its projected face. “What did you do to me… Why…” Jay said. Jay screamed at the statue, directing the sonic wave to its intact sword arm, breaking it off at the wrist. He lifted the stone sword and started striking the statue, chipping away again and again, until the blade cracked apart. He screamed at the statue again, with tears in his eyes. The vibrations broke the holograph projectors and shattered the statue into pieces and then into fragments. Some windows in the distance also cracked. Jay shifted his hand through the stone pieces. He then fell to his back and kept crying. Eventually, students and faculty came running into the building. As much as he could, Jay ignored everything they said or did. Doctors and security came right after. Jay ignored them too. Soon, security personnel were carrying him outside, but he didn’t resist. Security carried him to the station, sitting him on a chair. A therapist arrived to examine him and aid the interrogation. Jay never responded to them. After a couple of hours, city security arrived. They had warrants to arrest Jay for a few charges. They cuffed Jay and carried him to a car, putting him in the barred back seat. The security officers took Jay to the closest station and dragged him to a barred cell in the basement. There was a small window atop the cell covered by grating. Interrogators came in and spoke to him through the bars. Then more psychologists. Then the interrogators again, who were shouting this time. Jay was eventually carried by the cops back to the ground floor. His parents were there and they tried to hug him and talk to him, but Jay kept looking at the floor. Jacob helped Jay to a car. They got in and drove back home. Jacob and Channary tried to speak to Jay, eventually shouting. When they arrived home, they gave up on trying for today and left Jay on his bed. Jay just laid there, shifting his gaze between the ceiling and the window. As hours passed and night fell, a quake took place, then another one and constant tremors. Jay simple dozed off and on again, until the thuds were too loud. Eventually the building was destroyed. And Jay woke up in his room again. “15/04/21XY. 12:42 am”. Jay didn’t do anything. His perception of time started to fade. Sensations begun to fade and reappear constantly, as Jay saw and hear everything around him happening faster and faster. A faint static started to get louder. Soon, he was seeing the destruction of his home and Caucombia in a single hour. Then in a minute. Then the day flashed before his eyes every second or faster. All accompanied by louder and louder static. Finally, everything  around Jay had become a rippling void filled with motes of static. There was no light visible, but Jay could see himself floating. Somewhere in the void, Jay heard another sound within the static. The static was beginning to change into another sound. It resembled speech. A voice that sounded as if multiple people talked over each other, synchronized. “Is there an irregularity?” it spoke. Jay stuttered and scratched his ear. “You can perceive my words as sound in your language.” the voice said. “Y-yeah…” Jay mumbled. “Why did you stop interacting?” the voice told him. “I…where… am I?” Jay asked. “Inside the microcosm.” the voice replied. “The microcosm? What do you mean?” Jay muttered. “Allow me to access your memory again.” the voice said. “Allow h-” Jay said, until he felt a painless ripple in his head. “Many irregularities. You first saw the microcosm in the basement of the stage building.” the voice explained. “The things in the statue?” Jay asked. “Correct. You entered the microcosm when you touched it as you fell.” the voice continued. “E-entered? I went inside that small thing? How is that possible?” Jay said. “Your psyche.” the voice corrected. “What? So my body, is…” Jay mumbled. “According to your memory, it must have been crushed.” the voiced filled in. “Wait, so that day… that April 15th really happened…” Jay said. “Correct. It was the last day you spent outside the microcosm.” the voice explained. “S-so… what is this body I have right now?” Jay asked, watching himself. “What you would call an avatar. A way to easily begin to interact with the microcosm.” the voice replied. “But the things I saw? Caucombia… how were the rest of them absorbed?…” Jay talked incoherently. “The microcosm shaped itself into Caucombia according to your memory. It didn’t absorb anyone else and cannot contain more than one psyche.” the voice explained. “So… the people I saw all this time… were never real…” Jay mumbled. “They were simulated into the microcosm according to your memory.” the voice confirmed. “Why me?” Jay pondered. “You touched the microcosm and it responded.” “What exactly is the microcosm? And who are you?” Jay cried out. “I am echoes. A voice of eternity; and a different way that the microcosm can function.” the voice replied. “You’re… what? Like an A.I.?” Jay asked. “Artificial Intelligence is only partially accurate. Consider me a recorded, interactive message.” the voice said. “So… you control the microcosm… behind the scene?” Jay contemplated. “I don’t. You control the microcosm, but you were not introduced to it, so you have been able to only do it subconsciously.” the voice corrected. “I… control it? No way, I was stuck forever in the last and worst day of my life!” Jay protested. “Because you didn’t know how to control the microcosm during absorption, the microcosm defaulted to this simulation you experienced.” the voice argued. “Why would it… default… to that… how does it…” Jay pondered. “The microcosm acts according to its harmonic sequencing by eternity. When it houses a psyche, it begins to operate according to the memories and will of that psyche. If it cannot, or if there are irregularities, the microcosm takes the form of echoes to communicate with the psyche.” the voice explained. “A message…from eternity… what do you mean by eternity?” Jay wondered. “Eternity is the creator of this and other microcosms.” the voice replied. “Why? Why would they want someone trapped like this?” Jay protested. “The purpose of the microcosms wasn’t to trap. It was to provide a setting that could be controlled by the psyche’s imagination and will.” the voice explained. “I… in the dark spaces, the static… the pharmacy-” Jay remembered. “These where irregularities, caused when the simulation was recreated from your memory. There were places you had no knowledge of, things you didn’t remember, and you couldn’t always guess what people would say. Whenever these irregularities disappeared, it was your thoughts that changed them.” the voice said. “But why did… eternity… make the microcosm?” Jay questioned. “Each microcosm was meant to provide a means to retain the psyche of one of eternity’s allies near their death and perpetuate their material existence. So they could receive the strength of eternity and become something else.” the voice narrated. “Become… what?”Jay asked. “An eternal warrior.” the voice stated. “What does that mean? How does that… happen?” Jay contemplated. “This strength is to come from control of the microcosm and practice within it. The microcosm simulation is meant to be a setting controllable by the psyche, where one can spend extended amounts of time, fighting in any way they can imagine. In any battlefield they wish to challenge, against any type of opponent.” the voice narrated. “So the scream was my imagination, and the monsters were just the worst opponents I could have imagined.” Jay said. “Knowledge and prior experience can affect the imagination; and via extension, preferred methods of fighting. Yours led to that method.” the voice contextualized. “Figures…” Jay whispered. “The monsters you saw in the simulation didn’t appear only because they appeared in your memory. They also appeared because they are the default opponent in the harmonic sequencing.” the voice added. “What? That eternity or whatever knew about them?” Jay said. “According to harmonic sequencing, they are recorded as enemies of eternity. Their name would translate in your language as the Infernal Host. The eternal warriors are a contingency in case of their reappearance.” the voice narrated. “Reappearance? When was the first one?” Jay asked. “According to harmonic sequencing, the Infernal Host appeared some time before the microcosms were created, approximately seven thousand years ago.” the voice replied. “Seven what?!” Jay shouted with surprise. “This piece of super-tech can’t be older than electricity and computers.” The voice remained silent. “You said that… eternity… meant for the warriors to fight them? But that’s impossible inside… this.” Jay babbled. “Harmonic sequencing indicates that the eternal warriors need new bodies to fight.” the voice said. “A new body? How?” Jay wondered. “The microcosm cannot produce a body. It has to be created and connected to the microcosm by outside factors.” the voice answered. “When will that be?” Jay thought. “An accurate answer is impossible.” the voice calculated. “An approximation is after the microcosm is unearthed.” “Unearthed?” Jay muttered. “The microcosm hasn’t been in contact with light since you touched it; according to your memory, it’s still buried there.” the voice extrapolated. “Waiting to be rescued… Until who knows when…” Jay told himself. “Sequencing urges me advise you to continue interacting with simulation until then.” the voice declared. “What for…” Jay sighed. The voice didn’t answer immediately. “Your memory indicates you feel enmity towards the Infernal Host and that you want to stop them. Interacting with the microcosm will make that more possible. You can spend your time in this fashion, until you’re rescued.” “Or until I’ve gone mad…” Jay sobbed. He wished for the message to end and somehow, he was back in the car, on the docks. His phone screen read “16/04/21XY. 04:26 am”. “Doesn’t mean anything anymore…” Jay mumbled. Jay resisted participating in the simulation, but there was nothing else to do. Over time, he gradually got drawn into interacting. His memory was becoming better along with his understanding of the microcosm. Eventually, he learned how to access the harmonic sequencing without the message, and even access the microcosm’s capability to sense light around it. Ever since, he never heard from echoes again, but he always knew what it’d say. Time went on. So much time passed that even his near-perfect microcosm memory couldn’t calculate it to the exact second. But Jay was sure it had been over a decade. Meanwhile, in an underground bunker laboratory, far from the ruins of Caucombia, Monica was sleeping on a bunk, uncomfortably shifting around, until she woke up in cold sweat. She checked the time on her bionic arm and swiped her forehead with her other arm. She walked over to the habitat cabin, picked up a bottle of water and drank some. She tried to put it back, but her bionic arm squeezed and busted the bottle instead. Monica sighed. Later that day, Monica was in a bio-engineer's lab room. Electrodes were connected to her head and chest, while her bionic arm was connected to another cable. Via intermediary devices, the cables all connected to a computer frame that the engineer was handling. “I’m gonna deliver a mild shock to your shoulder.” the engineer warned. “I’m ready.” Monica said. The engineer pushed a button while they were looking at Monica, who slightly twitched her shoulder. “Did you feel that?” they asked. “Just barely.” Monica replied. “Did you feel interference anywhere besides the shoulder and arm?” they kept asking. “No, nothing.” Monica answered. “The readings are all normal too.” the engineer said, looking at their screen again. “So, what happened last night?” Monica asked. “Well…” the engineer stopped for half a second and read something. “You did mention you had a nightmare right before the incident. Would you say the nightmare made you afraid, angry, agitated or anything like that?” “To a point.” Monica said with a frown. “It must have been that. People mishandling objects during anger or distress is pretty common, regardless of bionics.” the engineer explained. “So, you’re clear from here. Maybe you want to visit the psychologist next?” “I’ll consider it.” Monica said. Some minutes later, Monica was unhooked from the cables and back into the bunker hall. She passed by the psychometric division but didn’t enter. She headed for the diner. Monica got her tray filled and sat next to a raven-haired colleague. “Good wake-up Amy.” “Don’t call me that.” Monica’s colleague barked at her. “Aren’t you ever tired of saying that?” Monica mocked her. “Never will be.” Amy responded. “Enjoy your meal.” Monica said with a smile. Amy swallowed three more spoonfuls. “So what were you doing in bio-engineering earlier?” she asked. “So you noticed.” Monica curled her lips and tapped her tray for a couple of moments. “I thought that my bionic had a malfunction. Turns out it was just stress.” “We’re all working so hard, I can undestand.” Amy said and presented a small smile. “Do you feel overloaded?” “Well, I think it’s because I had this nightmare.” Monica shared. “Why did it shake you so much?” Amy inquired. “It was from my past. From when I was first… taken. Like a series of flashes.” Monica said. “You want to talk about it?” Amy asked. “It really wasn’t pretty.” Monica replied. “I’m familiar enough with ugly. Go ahead.” Amy said, flexing her hands.” “Well…” Monica moved her hand to the back of her neck. “I just saw it all together you know. Being grabbed by that thing, watching it raise others, the rain of… red. Then, me hanging so high in the air.” “Does your scar hurt?” Amy asked. “No. It’s just that I can’t help it really. I always do that, reflexively, whenever I remember what happened. I thought I was dead, but I was just bait.” Monica confessed. “It’s been so many years. Remember that it’s over.” Amy said, crossing her arms. “Come on, let’s talk about something else. What are you working on?” “I’ve been designing a new aerial frame drone. A semi-pedal frame using pulse generation as its single source of energy, using a sonic thruster array for motility and sonic weaponry.” Monica said. “That sounds complicated. But interesting. Is it near completion?” Amy requested. “The design may have been too ambitious. The drone is so fast that cameras become useless, so people can’t pilot it. But because of how complicated flight at such speeds become, piloting AIs are too slow to learn the procedure.” Monica explained. “I’m sure you’ll make it work.” Amy smiled. “I hope so.” Monica said. ***THE END*** (PS: This is the end of the story, at least for some time. Thanks a lot for reading this far! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this fanfic!)

If you were to design a fourth race, what would it be like?

If you had just started working at ForstGiant, a company that has already gained considerable fame, and their success has been significantly bolstered by the profits from StormGate. Your first task upon joining would be to design the fourth race for StormGate. What kind of race would you create?