MMR and RP

What’s the difference between MMR and RP?

Please refer to the Official matchmaking & Ladder FAQ for detailed information.

What is MMR?

MMR stands for matchmaking rating. It represents a player’s skill and is updated after every game. The entire matchmaking system and ladder are based on MMR.

What is RP?

RP stands for ranking points. It is a single numerical value that forms the basis of the ranking system. The ladder ranks players from highest to lowest RP. Currently, RP is determined by a player’s maximum confirmed MMR in a season and the number of wins they have in the ongoing season.


Why are my Ranked Points and Ranking not updated?

Currently, we can only fetch the latest Ranked Points, Ranking, and League for the top 1000 players. For other players, we can fetch their MMR, which is why your MMR is up to date. If you were previously ranked in the top 1000 but dropped out, your Rank and Points will remain the same as the last time you were in the top 1000.

Why is my rank >1000?

If your rank is outside the top 1000, your Ranked Points will not be updated at the moment. Since we cannot determine your exact rank, it is displayed as >1000.

How often is the leaderboard data updated?

The leaderboard data is updated every 60 seconds.


Why is my match missing?

Our system fetches games on a best effort basis. While we have an API provided by Frost Giant Studios to fetch games, it may not be perfect and could experience downtime or issues. If you are missing a game, it is likely that the game was not fetched. We periodically attempt to fetch and update the status of older games.

Match data is no longer available, due to restrictions from Frost Giant Studios.


If you have any questions, feedback, bugs, or other issues to discuss, please join the #stormgateworld-api Discord Channel on the Official Playtest Discord Server (invite may be required).