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Farm Man Official - Stormgate

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Hi! Farm Man here! Thanks for stopping by, Welcome to my Stormgate gaming channel! We'll be focussing on the new RTS by frost giant called stormgate, covering news updates, stormgate gameplay footage, stormgate discussions as well as stormgate casted games.

Stormgate Co-Op And FIRST Hero Update

In this stormgate video we cover some of the news of the new stormgate co-op mode with the new stormgate hero called blockade. If you'd like to support stormgate you can do so via their kickstarter campaign here: *affiliate link meaning I will also be supported at no extra cost to you. Some content creators are releasing beta gameplay footage over the coming weeks. You can find some who have already released stormgate gameplay footage here: WinterStarcraft: Asmongold: #stormgate

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Frost Giant Studios

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Frost Giant Studios is an independent game development studio located in Orange County, California.

Stormgate Official Game Awards 2023 Trailer

Welcome to the all-new science fantasy universe of Stormgate, the upcoming real-time strategy game (RTS) from Frost Giant Studios, including former developers of StarCraft II and Warcraft III. Campaign. Co-op. Competitive. Custom Games. RTS is back. Stormgate is in Closed Beta testing and will be released on Steam Early Access in Summer 2024. Become a Founder and join the future of RTS: Premiered at the Game Awards on December 7, 2023. #thegameawards #stormgate #rts #tga2023

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In it with our hearts! We from Back2Warcraft love Warcraft III. We love the game, the competitive scene and most of all the community. Our primary goal is to provide the best broadcasts possible for today's tournaments. By bringing the experience of high level Warcraft competition to viewers around the world we try to contribute something of value to scene. We have been doing this for years now and we see no reason to stop! SCHEDULE: LIVE: TWITTER: IG: FB: TIKTOK: DISCORD SERVER: 💛 SUPPORT: MERCH: BECOME A PATRON: DONATE:

Neo Ladder into GAME AWARDS - New Stormgate Content?! !w3cfinals !Inferno !Stormgate

Tournament Name Playlist: [Playlist Link] Turnier [Race] Player A vs. Player B [Race] on [Map] Cast by: Caster A & Caster B Date: Visit our Homepage: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe on Twitch: Check our Instagram: Connect via Discord: Support us: On Patreon: Make a Donation: On YouTube: Buy our Merch: Amazon Referral: #warcraft3 #back2warcraft #[Fitting Tournament Hashtag]

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Starcraft Historian

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Just a Starcraft nerd making the content I wanted to see

Cure Talks: Handling Depression & Anxiety, Joining Team Liquid, & Stormgate "I Will Try It" Today I have a conversation for you all with Team Liquid's newest StarCraft pro pickup, Cure. Cure and I went deep, covering his start with StarCraft, to his memories of competing in Proleague, and much more! Watch, and enjoy my friends. Huge shoutout to Maddox for his excellent translation! Maddox Twitter: Maddox Twitch: SCHistorian Twitter: Chapters 0:00 Coming Up 0:35 Intro and Start with SC 2:30 Brood War idols 3:08 Performance in Brood War 3:49 Experience with Jaedong 4:44 SC1 vs SC2 in Korea 6:30 Korean SC2 vs Global 07:40 Dedicating to StarCraft 9:26 Meaning in being a Starleague Champion 10:15 Most memorable game of Cure's career 12:10 Experience at Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia 14:00 Success in 2023 15:36 Getting connected with Team Liquid 17:37 Habit of browsing 18:50 GSL crowdfunding 19:40 GomTV vs Afreeca ownership of GSL 20:49 Stormgate, Zerospace, and the future of RTS 21:39 Success for a new RTS in Korea 22:29 Life after Military Service 23:13 Closing words

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My name's Jared 'PiG' Krensel, I'm a professional Starcraft II commentator, streamer, content creator and coach from Sydney, Australia. This is my main Youtube channel, featuring lots of Pro Casts, funny Smooth Brain videos and other content. Check out my other channels for coaching/random videos OR other Pro Casts.

STORMGATE: New Infernal Host Faction Beta Gameplay REVEALED!

PiG plays the Infernal Host Faction from Stormgate's game currently in closed beta. If you're supporting Stormgate's Kickstarter consider doing so through my link to support me too! Add Stormgate to your Steam wishlist: Sign up for the Beta here: What we know about Stormgate so far: My Stormgate videos playlist: -- 🐷 Second Channel for Learning StarCraft 2: 🐷 Third Channel for Daily Pro Casts: -- 🐷 Watch live at 🐷 Support PiG: 🐷 PiG’s Discord: 🐷 PiG’s Website: -- #Starcraft2 #SC2 #PiGStarcraft

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Hello new friends! I cast and produce Starcraft content as well as content surrounding the upcoming RTS Stormgate as part of StormgateNexus! Hope you enjoy ❤️

Simu Liu In Stormgate + New Trailer Analysis | Stormgate Snapshots

Simu Liu (The Barbie Movie, Shang-Chi, Kim's Convenience) will voice Warz - the leader of the Infernals on Earth AND we have a new trailer with lore implications? It's a great day to be a Stormgate fan! Support the Stormgate Kickstarter to get access to the beta next year: Follow me on things! Twitch➡ Twitter➡ Instagram ➡ TikTok➡ Discord➡ #StarCraft2 #SC2 #RTS StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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RTS Content Creator from South Africa. Currently Specializing in ALL RTS Games, Starcraft, Immortal, Stormgate, Tempest Rising, Zero Space, Realms of Ruin or any other RTS games. I drop weekly new Videos. Guides, Tutorial and Tip videos to help you improve and become a better player. Passionate Gamer, and Content creator. My goal is to create a channel where Education meets Entertainment, and the content I provide can help you improve. Guides, Tips, Tutorials, Live streams and just all round entertainment. | MrBeefy | SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES: 🎮 EPIC Creator code ┃ MRBEEFYPS 📷 Instagram ┃ 👍🏻 Facebook ┃ 💸 Member ┃ 🧿 Discord ┃ 📳 Twitter ┃ 📳 Tiktok |

Stormgate Update: NEW Closed Alpha Gameplay and Unit Reveal

A NEW Exciting Stormgate update! New Closed Alpha gameplay, showcasing new units of both Factions Vanguard and Infernals. Get ready to experience the intensity of Stormgate Closed alpha gameplay like never before. Showcasing new gameplay elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this Stormgate footage, we're unveiling brand new units that's set to change the game. The Stormgate infernal units are a force to be reckoned with, and this new unit is no exception. Prepare to be amazed by the power and versatility of this new addition to the Stormgate units roster. This new Stormgate update is packed with surprises, and the latest news on Stormgate. From the intricate details of the Stormgate RTS gameplay to the immersive world of the Stormgate alpha, there's something for everyone. We're thrilled to share this Stormgate gameplay footage with you. It's a sneak peek into the Stormgate closed alpha, giving you a taste of what's to come. So, gear up and join us in this journey through the Stormgate gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Stormgate universe, this video is sure to ignite your passion for strategic gaming. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more updates on Stormgate units, gameplay, and behind-the-scenes footage. #stormgate #rtsgames #strategygames _____________________________________ 📌 | MrBeefy | SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES 💝 Donate • 📷 Instagram • 👍🏻 Facebook • 🧿 Discord • 📳 Twitter • 📳 Tiktok | ________________________________________ 📌 NCS AUDIO TRACKS: Copyright Free Inspirational Music - 'The Travelling Symphony' by @SavfkMusic Stormgate is a next-gen real-time strategy game set in a new science fantasy universe. Command mechs to defend the Earth or invade it as the Infernals. Explore an ever-evolving campaign, group up for 3P co-op vs. AI, compete in 1v1 or 3v3, or get creative in the editor. Welcome to the future of RTS! ZeroSpace is a cinematic RTS with an epic sci-fi story where your decisions determine the fate of the galaxy. No two matches play the same thanks to nearly limitless combinations of factions, mercenary units and heroes, introducing unparalleled strategic depth and player expression to the genre.

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That trailer was very... Very bland

I thought it was supposed to be a story/campaign trailer... :/

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Kickstarter goal SMASHED. Thank you, r/Stormgate!

Thank you, everyone. You came through for us--we were fully funded in under 15 minutes and you helped us raise FIVE TIMES our original funding goal--over $500,000 in just four hours. If you haven't seen our Kickstarter, [please consider supporting Frost Giant Studios and Stormgate]( We're excited about our exclusive Collector's Edition and this is the easiest way to guarantee closed beta access for 2024. Again, we couldn't have done it without you. The Reddit community has been "home base" for Stormgate since day one and your thoughtful feedback will forever be appreciated. \-The Frost Giant team

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I’ve been critical but..

After watching actual 1v1 gameplay I think the formula is there but it needs a whole lot of tweaking. Everything needs to be a bit faster in my opinion. You have streamlined macro and that is alright but the game pacing is so slow that it makes macro look insignificant. The entire early game looks like a complete drag and is basically jungleing. Why have this big focus on PvE in a 1v1 PvP ladder early game? It feels like you want to remove early fighting and harassment and lessen the impact and that is actually a horrible way to “get people to go out into the map and not turtle”. In short, if you bring back early game PvP and speed up the pacing by a bit, I think you will have a viable competitive RTS. If you don’t, you will after like season 4. Save the mistake now.

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Might this be more casual friendly than c&c, there is a chance.

I always said if u should try RTS games for the first time, then C&C is the most casual and noob friendly experience. Much of that is due to the construction menu, and now they have added that into this a rts game where you uses villager and workers. I think this might be a huge game chancer for newcomers, and also experienced players, we always loved it in c&c games, and now it's here. Instead of having to locate a villager and click the villager, then build and Shift key it back to where it was before, you just click right into the build menu and build and no shift key back, that saves quite lot Apm

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The Flayed Dragon is a Bad Idea

From the IGN gameplay video, the flayed dragon was described as something so good that the main strategy for countering it was to stop your opponent from getting one in the first place. I really dislike it and other mega-units, especially when they're too-powerful-to-stop due to shifting of the match focus to just killing that one unit. It's somewhat reminiscent of the Protoss mothership, but that unit was subpar due to its high cost so it wasn't seen much. Instead, it's reminiscent of titans from Age of Mythology, which were incredibly expensive and time consuming and completely shifted the balance once they were on the map. It made late-game matches a race to get titans and killed the pace. TLDR I hope the flayed dragon isn't an overpowered mega unit that completely changes the pace and focus of the match to be centered on it.

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Tastosis Casting STORMGATE At DreamHack Atlanta!?

Legendary StarCraft casters! And the mother of Tasteless is working on the game

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